Modifications are illegal but Tamil Nadu cops are having fun with their modified Force Traveller!

In an intriguing twist, it appears that the police authorities from Tamil Nadu have found a way around the rules that restrict civilians from modifying their vehicles. It is a well-established fact that ordinary people in Tamil Nadu, as well as the entire country, can face penalties and legal consequences for modifying their vehicles. However, recently the Tamil Nadu police have been spotted driving their own modified Traveller. This modified mobile command and control vehicle is based on a Force Traveller and, according to reports, houses a ton of security cameras for the purpose of surveillance.


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From the outside, it can be noted that this particular vehicle has been equipped with high-resolution CCTV cameras, rooftop flashlights, and even drones. This integrated mobile command and control vehicle is currently undergoing trial runs conducted by the district police in Vellore. For those wondering about its purpose, it has been reported that it will be used to provide real-time data from the field directly to the integrated control room at the SP office.

Modifications are illegal but Tamil Nadu cops are having fun with their modified Force Traveller!

According to the authorities, this modified Traveller serves multiple crucial purposes. It has been stated that during emergencies such as natural disasters in Vellore and neighboring districts like Ranipet and Tirupattur, this vehicle can be requested for immediate deployment. It will aid in coordinating relief and rescue operations, ensuring faster response times and a better understanding of the gravity of the situation. Additionally, the vehicle could play a pivotal role in ensuring public safety during rallies, processions, and events organized by political parties and religious groups. The reports state that its presence on sensitive routes in towns like Vellore, Gudiyatham, Pernambut, Walajah, Arcot, Ambur, and Vaniyambadi could help prevent untoward incidents and maintain law and order.

In terms of technological features, this modified Traveller has been packed with cutting-edge technology. It has four network video recorder (NVR) cameras and a mounted 360-degree pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera, providing comprehensive coverage of the surroundings. Each camera possesses the capability to capture and record footage up to an impressive distance of 500 meters. Moreover, the inclusion of drones will further enhance the vehicle’s surveillance capabilities, enabling a more efficient and agile response to various scenarios.

Modifications are illegal but Tamil Nadu cops are having fun with their modified Force Traveller!

The existing infrastructure for monitoring public safety in the Vellore district comprises numerous CCTV cameras installed by the Vellore Corporation, district police, individuals, non-profit organizations, and traders. However, the control room at the SP office currently monitors only a fraction of these cameras. Nevertheless, with the integration of the modified Traveller into their operations, the police force is equipped to gather live data from the field, supplementing their surveillance efforts and enhancing their ability to coordinate with relief and rescue operations.

Modifications are illegal but Tamil Nadu cops are having fun with their modified Force Traveller!

While the modified Traveller may raise eyebrows due to the double standards when it comes to vehicle modifications, it undeniably serves a crucial role in the Tamil Nadu police force’s operations. Its advanced features, including high-resolution cameras, rooftop flashlights, and drones, will enable real-time data transmission and enhance public safety. Perhaps it’s time for reflection on the division between the rules imposed on civilians and the liberties offered to authorities. Nevertheless, the integrated mobile command and control vehicle deserves appreciation for its contributions to emergency management and the maintenance of law and order in Tamil Nadu.

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