Dominar Adventure: What do you think?

Bajaj Dominar was recently in the headlines after Bajaj targeted Royal Enfield with its new advertisement. The sports tourer has been selling decently in India and is slowly gaining popularity in the market. Ground Designs has built an adventure edition of the Dominar that looks very practical.

Dominar Adventure: What do you think?

The Dominar gets a number of changes to be adventure ready. The flagship motorcycle from Bajaj gets raised suspension with an adventure mud-guard. The stock mud guard has been sliced in half so that it does not interfere with the tyre while doing off-roading. The telescopic fork can now travel 90mm more than the standard Dominar.

Ground Designs have also added a new visor, a new metal cover for the headlamp unit, newly painted alloys in fluorescent green colour, engine crash guard with LED fog light installation unit, knuckle guard and new, bold decals.

The motorcycle also gets dual purpose tyres (off-road spec), and luggage panniers for carrying an extra pair of clothes for the extended weekend. The dual-purpose tyres provide extra grip to the motorcycle and help it to go to extreme corners.

Dominar Adventure: What do you think?

The Dominar is powered by the same 373.2 cc engine that also powers the KTM 390 Duke. The liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 34.5 Bhp and peak torque of 35 Nm. The motorcycle comes with optional dual channel ABS in India.

Bajaj is said to be working on a new adventure motorcycle. The brand has already registered the name “Adventurer” for the same. Bajaj and Triumph have recently joined hands to develop new products for the developing markets including India. This may mean that Bajaj can take Triumph’s help on developing the new motorcycle.

Dominar Adventure: What do you think?

Bajaj’s other partner, KTM also has a range of adventure motorcycles in the international markets. The Austrian manufacturer is also planning to bring the Adventure 390 to India in future.

Design by: Ground Designs

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