Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles – Part II

The Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most successful motorcycles in the homegrown sportsbike category. The bike also has its own share of admirers among custom builders. We’ve already run you through Part I of Tastefully Modified Pulsars from India and around the globe. Here’s the second edition.

Autologue Design’s Pulsar 150 based Gambit

Autologue Design's Bajaj Pulsar 150 based Gambit scrambler custom 1

[Images courtesy Autologue Designs on Facebook]

Autologue Designs of Pune have put together the Gambit, a scrambler style custom motorcycle based on the Bajaj Pulsar 150. You’d be forgiven if you think that the Gambit is a Ducati Scrambler from afar. The resemblance between the Gambit and the Ducati is striking. Custom body work, a new fuel tank, a nice paint job, a revised exhaust, a new seat, and revised front and rear mudguards characterize the Gambit. The motorcycle retains its 143cc four stroke motor lifted from the Pulsar, and much of the frame and suspension.

Joat Moto Custom’s Pulsar Cafe Racer

Joat Moto Custom's Bajaj Pulsar 150 Cafe Racer custom 1

[Images courtesy Joat Moto Customs on Facebook]

Joat Moto Customs has put together a Cafe Racer custom based on a Bajaj Pulsar 150. The motorcycle gets custom body work all around and sheds plenty of pounds. While the stock engine and frame of the Pulsar have been retained, the overall design of the cafe racer is an exercise in minimalism. While this custom job can do with better paint finish and attention to detail, the overall look of the design does have a distinct appeal. With clip-on handlebars and a tidied up front, the Pulsar based cafe racer looks the part.

Bombay Custom Works’ Pulsar 150 Cafe Racer

Bombay Custom Works' Bajaj Pulsar based cafe racer custom 1

[Images courtesy Bombay Custom Works on Facebook]

Bombay Custom Works have been doing interesting things with the Bajaj Pulsar, and here’s another tidy project from them. The Pulsar 150 based cafe racer custom is one of the best custom cafe racer jobs to come from the Pulsar platform. The custom motorcycle keeps thing simple.

Bombay Custom Works' Bajaj Pulsar based cafe racer custom 4

The tank is new and so is the front end styling of the motorcycle. The middle of the motorcycle ditches heft to look racier while the long Pulsar seat is dispensed in favour of a single springer unit. A new exhaust and a blue paint job finish things off.

Down Town Customs’ Bajaj Pulsar 150 based Scrambler

Down Town Customs' Bajaj Pulsar 150 based Scrambler 1

[Images courtesy Down Town Customs on Facebook]

Down Town Customs’ Bajaj Pulsar 150 based Scrambler is essentially a chopped up motorcycle that seats one and features monoshock suspension at the rear. These changes to the motorcycle have led to weight being shaved off and the Scrambler custom also gets a new exhaust. The front end of the motorcycle remains bone stock and so does the fuel tank. With these bits unchanged, the Scrambler custom looks more like a Pulsar that has been truncated rather abruptly. However, the LED tail lamp beneath the seat indicates that the truncated design is intentional.

Studio Motor’s Bajaj Pulsar 220 based Bobber

Studio Motor's Bajaj Pulsar 220 based bobber custom 1

[Images courtesy Milchapitas]

When a Triumph Bonneville meets a BajajPulsar, you’ll get something on the lines of what Studio Motor of Indonesia have put together. This custom motorcycle is a street bobber aimed at delivering a comfortable ride, distinct looks and seating for two.

Studio Motor's Bajaj Pulsar 220 based bobber custom 5

A long flat seat that sits lower, custom body work that includes the tank and side cowls and a new paint job are the biggest changes on this custom motorcycle. The frame and engine are retained, and so is the suspension.