Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

The Bajaj Pulsar is a legend in Indian biking circles. The Pulsar brand, which established Bajaj Auto as a purveyor of sporty, everyday bikes, gave motorcyclists in India a powerful, feature loaded and affordable machines. Millions of Pulsars have been sold in India, and many developing nations around the world. The sheer number of Pulsars around means that some have hit the modification button. Here are five such modified Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles, From street bobs to cafe racers, the modified Pulsars represent an eclectic mix.

J&D Custom Co’s Pulsar 150 Bobber

Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

Images courtesy [J&D Custom Co on Facebook]

Jay D Patel of Vadodara, Gujarat, dropped out of engineering school to found J&D Custom Co, a motorcycle customization outfit. The Pulsar 150 based Bobber was the first custom motorcycle to roll out of J&D Custom Co. Long, low and with a raked out front end, this motorcycle looks unlike any other Pulsar that India would’ve seen. The progression seems logical for the Pulsar though, for the motorcycle has shared its 180, 200 and 220cc engines with a cruiser dubbed the Avenger.

ZARS Custom Design

Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

Images courtesy [ZARSCustoms on Facebook]

‘What the hell is this’ could be your first reaction to this custom motorcycle, and a very understandable one at that. This motorcycle has been crafted by ZARS custom Design of Bombay, and looks outlandish to say the least. Built on a shoestring budget by Zubair Sharif, who holds a diploma in automotive engineering, this custom motorcycle based on a Pulsar 200 was designed to seem like a larger, naked machine. While the stock tank, 200cc engine and the frame have been retained, the aesthetics have been given an outlandish theme. This is one design that most will find hard to digest.

“Bone Breaker” Cafe Racer based on the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi

Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

[Images courtesy Pinterest]

The Bone Breaker Cafe Racer is from Colombia, a country that loves its Pulsars. The Cafe Racer is based on a Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi. The stock frame of the Pulsar 180 has been retained and the modifications are mostly cosmetic. Drop down bars and footpegs that have been further pushed back give the rider a semi-prone riding position while the tank, front fairing and rear cowl are custom fabricated items. The motorcycle looks quite fetching in its British motorcycle green garb, with a GT stripe running across its length. The exhaust is the only item that looks out of place though.

Bombay Custom Works’ Pulsar 150 based P150 Bobber

Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

[Images courtesy BombayCustomWorks on Facebook]

Bombay Custom Works’ Shail Sheth has built the P150 , a custom street bob based on the Pulsar 150. Now, P150 is what most enthusiasts in India know the Pulsar 150 as. However, this custom motorcycle is as far away from the original Pulsar 150 as possible. Exquisitely finished and with custom bits all around, the P150 is a proof that a piddly 150cc engine is no impediment towards building a beautiful custom design. The attention to detail is what makes the P150 so special.

Bombay Custom Works’ Pulsar 150 based O-Four Cafe Racer

Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

[Images courtesy BombayCustomWorks on Facebook]

The O-Four is yet another cafe racer built around the Pulsar 150, but one that looks magnificent. Fit and finish levels of bikes built by Bombay Custom Works is of high order and this shows in the O-Four as well. The motorcycle features custom body work, lowered, clip on handlebars, a single seat and looks designed to take the Pulsar 150 a few decades back in time, when cafe racers were in vogue. And the pista green, matte finish paint job finishes off the job quite well.

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Modified Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles