This modified Bentley Continental GT with tank tracks is breathtaking

Vehicle modification is an art and we have seen several examples of good looking to weird and wacky looking modified cars from within India and around the world. When it comes to vehicle modifications, Russians are the one who always come up with unique or may be even weird looking modifications. There are several videos on internet from Russia were vloggers and mechanics have made wild modifications to cars. One such video was of a BMW E30 3-Series sedan where Russian mechanics swapped its engine with a fighter get engine. Here we have another breathtaking modification from a Russian vlogger where he modified a Bentley Continental GT into a tank.

The video report has been uploaded by Pravda Report on their youtube channel. The report simply share all the details about this modified Bentley. Detailed video about this Bentley on tank tracks. The detailed video of making this tank is available on AcademeG youtube channel. The Russian Youtuber chose a first generation Bentley Continental GT for this project.

The vlogger calls his creation Ultratank because he has literally installed a set of tank track to this Bentley Continental GT. The vlogger got the Bentley Continental GT for a very cheap price. The reason why he got it for cheap is because the massive 6.0 litre twin-turbo W12 engine of the Bentley needed repair. Repairing the engine meant investing a lot more money into the project. Instead, vlogger came up with an alternative where he replaced the engine of Bentley with a Toyota’s 4.3 litre V8. The power was sent to the rear wheels and was paired with an automatic transmission.

The vlogger simply chopped off the doors on the Bentley. He fabricated the whole body of the car to fit the rubber track perfectly. The whole body was reinforced using metal frames and the track were also placed. Unlike tanks which get metal tracks, the Ultratank gets rubber tracks which is similar to what we see on harvesters and tractors. The whole body or what is left of the Bentley sedan is neatly placed on the tracks and the driver guides it using the regular steering wheel.

The video shows the youtuber driving the Ultratank. As this modification is different from the others, he needed an empty space for testing. he loaded his vehicle to a flat bed and took it to an empty place where he can test his creation. the footage seen in the video was taken when he took it out for testing for the first time. It took the youtuber around 9 months to complete this project.

This modified Bentley Continental GT with tank tracks is breathtaking

One of the thing that the report mentions in video is that the Ultratank does not get any brakes. The driver will have to turn the steering left and right to bring this Bentley Tank to a halt. The project is not complete and the vlogger and his team will be making some more tweaks to the tracks, engine and may be even fit some doors to the Ultratank. The Ultratank is without any doubt a very unique modification and we hope to see a video of a much more refined version of the same in future.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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