Modified BMW 5-Series with bodykit gets stuck on a village road [Video]

Kerala is a land of modified vehicles and it is well-documented. Most of the heavily modified cars belong to that region of the country. While most Kerala roads are good enough for most supercars and lowered vehicles, not all of them are smooth sailing. Here is an example of a BMW 5-Series modified with a body kit getting stuck on a village road. The video shows the struggle of the BMW.

The exact location of the video remains unknown. However, it sure is from Kerala. The video shows a BMW 5-Series with a body kit including a front bumper spoiler stuck on a narrow village road. The onlookers jump in to help and get the car out. It seems like the front spoiler got stuck to a bump on the road.

The guys who rushed to the spot asked the BMW driver to take the vehicle in reverse. They tried again by lifting the front spoiler with their hands but it does not seem like that crossed the hump. We are not sure how the owner overcame the situation since the video ended there.

Modified BMW 5-Series with bodykit gets stuck on a village road [Video]

While a normal BMW 5-Series might not have faced this problem of getting stuck. Since there is a body kit installed, it has reduced the ground clearance and also has increased the front overhang of the vehicle. An increased overhang means decreased approach angle. This is the primary reason for the vehicle getting stuck. We are not sure if the vehicle also gets lowering springs, which decreases the ground clearance even further.

Many supercars face a similar problem

This is why most supercar owners do not dare take their vehicles outside the city limits. There have been incidents in the past involving a Lamborghini Huracan getting stuck on a broken section of road in the past in India. Even similar incidents have been reported from foreign lands. If such an incident happens, the cost of repairing the vehicle can be quite a lot also, recovering cars from such situations can be a time-consuming and tricky affair. Since the supercars and modified vehicles need flatbed recovery due to the overhangs, it makes the task difficult.

There is another popular video that shows as many as 18 Lamborghinis struggling to come over a speed breaker. The cars then went around the speed breaker stopping the flow of the traffic and causing a big jam on the road.

One of the best ways to go around this problem is to scout the roads beforehand. This will allow you to know where to be extra careful when you bring an expensive vehicle. However, most Indian supercar buyers limit their travel inside the city where they the roads well.

However, there have been instances in the past where owners have taken the supercars to different cities. We believe that they did their homework well to spot the good roads before taking their beloved supercars there.