Modified Ford Endeavour with Raptor treatment looks real BUTCH

Raptor is a badge that Ford uses for its top-of-the-line pick up trucks sold with the F150/250 brand, and these pick up trucks don’t just get heavy duty mechanicals but also totally revised cosmetics that make them look a lot more butch and muscular. Someone in Delhi has taken a 3.2 liter Ford Endeavour sold in India and given it the Raptor makeover. And the results are stunning. This modified Ford Endeavour looks very different from the stock car, and oozes muscle from every angle. The luxury SUV looks a lot more butch, and the restyling on the front end is a major reason for such an imposing stance. This modified Endeavour gets Mustang-style front headlamps that are quite a lot more rakish than the headlamps on the stock SUV. The bumper and skid plates are new as well, and again get plenty of sculpting to make the front end look quite aggressive. The grille screams out Ford in bold lettering. The finishing touch is on the bonnet, which gets massive and edgy scoops. Check out the video for more.

As the video indicates, changes continue to the sides of this SUV, with the wheel wells getting muscular cladding that extends outwards. The after market alloy wheels are now running spacers to increase the width, and thereby make the stance of the luxury SUV better. The wing mirrors, door handles and rain visors are blacked out while the top gets luggage bars that can be used to either mount bicycles or a roof box/rack.

At the rear, changes continue to the hatch door, which gets a few blacked out bits. The rear bumper is a new item and so are the tail lamps, which now extend inwards as the reflectors have been swapped out for tail lamp extensions. The only significant mechanical change is the HKS diesel exhaust, which makes the 3.2 liter-5 cylinder turbo diesel engine of this SUV sound quite angry and vocal. The interiors of this SUV are bone stock as well.

Modified Ford Endeavour with Raptor treatment looks real BUTCH

The 3.2 liter-5 cylinder engine that powers this Endeavour is known for its brute torque, and a sweet burble. This motor makes 197 Bhp of peak power and 470 Nm of peak torque, making it a lot more powerful than the Toyota Fortuner. It’s paired to a six speed torque converter automatic gearbox that drives all four wheels through a four wheel drive system that also has various terrain modes.