Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs: Here are 5 badass examples from around India

The brute looking Ford Endeavour gains attention wherever it goes due to its extremely masculine looks. It is a global product and many examples of modified Endeavours can be found around the world. In India too, we have a few good looking examples of the modern-day Endeavours. Here are five great looking modified Endeavours from India.

Chrome delete

The new Endeavour looks very brute but the chrome-rich front makes it look classy too. This Endeavour has deleted that part to get a more intimidating look. It gets a new Raptor styled all-black front grille without any chrome on it. It also gets a front bumper lower body spoiler with LED lamps integrated into it.

The extreme chrome deletion also shows on the roof rails, front bumper insert and faux air-intakes on the side also have been blacked out. The only black and white Ford Endeavour looks quite daring on the road.


The Ford Endeavour is already quite high and has a good ground clearance of 225mm. This one sits even higher with a lift kit in place. The high Endeavour also gets a new Raptor-style grille with integrated LED lamps. The simple modification job also gets new wheels for the SUV. The new rims wheels are aftermarket and the tyres themselves have been upgraded to a wider profile. The owner has used 285/60/18 profile tyre while the stock tyre size is 265/60/18. This gives a wider appeal to the vehicle.


This a truly badass looking Endeavour in India. The all-black SUV gets a long list of modifications. The SUV gets Ironman 4X$ Foamcell Pro Suspension system. The grille has been updated with custom bonnet scoop and raptor grille and there is a customised fender too.

The Safari off-road snorkel further lifts up the looks of the vehicle. The front also gets IPF super rally auxiliary lamps. The macho looks of the vehicle are further accentuated by premium fender flares. There is AeroBlade from Thule and AllExtreme 6 LED lights on the roof. There is L shape Antenna in the matte black paint finish. The 20-inch Black Rhino wrapped in 285/50/R20 Michelin A/T rubber.

The red high!

This a simple yet powerful modification of the Ford Endeavour. The SUV has most of the stock parts intact except the front grille. The front grille has been updated with new Raptor inspired grille but the Ford moniker on it gets a red highlight that makes it look quite badass. Even the stock alloy wheels have been updated with aftermarket all-black alloys. The chrome accents on the ORVM and the air-vents on the side are same as the stock vehicle.


The Ford Endeavour is known as the “Everest” in international markets. The moniker cannot be used in India due to copyright issues. This vehicle gets Everest moniker on the bonnet that brings in the international name to India. The vehicle also gets auxiliary lamps mounted on the rooftop. The grille has also been updated to Raptor styled grille.

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