Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs of India: The good, bad & ugly

The all-new Ford Endeavour looks truly masculine. It is huge and has quite a presence on the road. There are some owners in India who want to highlight their Endeavours even more from the rest. Here are five modified Endeavours from India.


The white colour is the most popular colour in India. This Endeavour in white looks less conventional than the rest. There is a matte black custom bonnet with a faux hood that adds bulk to the vehicle.

The SUV also gets grille similar to the Ford F150 Raptor with integrated LED lamps on the top. The SUV now rides on 18-inch rims wrapped in Maxxis A/T tyres.


This example done by Motormind looks brutal. The SUV gets a new, more aggressive bumper chin with LEDs integrated into them. The Raptor styled grille also makes its way into this modified example. The headlamps have been smoked out to give an aggressive look. The rear bumper also gets an extension while the wheel arches become beefier. The vehicle also gets larger rims and tyres.


o make the American SUV even more extreme, the owner of this Endeavour has changed the front grille and has added LED lamps on the grille. The SUV also gets a snorkel and aftermarket bumper. The tyres have updated to Maxxis A/T ones that give a higher ride.

Most powerful!

This Endeavour was not happy with the stock 197 Bhp – 470 Nm and went for a remap. The result was a massive 245 Bhp – 555 Nm power which puts in the league of high-end SUVs. The vehicle also gets wide body kit with flared fenders that have been bolted on. The front Raptor grille has been blacked out. It also gets a 2-inch lift kit with 18-inch Maxxis tyres adds to the capability of this 4X4 variant.

A sticker job

Right stickers can surely lift up the car’s aesthetic looks. This Endeavour seen here gets a Raptor-style grille alongside a few stickers on the body. The Ford logo has been wrapped in neon green while the bonnet gets a black wrap. The roof and the creases on the hood get red highlight making the whole package look quite attractive.


A simple change of grille can also lift up the looks of the Endeavour by a great margin. Seen here is an example where only the front grille has been swapped with the Raptor-esque grille and it looks intimidating. Everything else in the vehicle remains stock.


The last word of the heading may define this one but looks are subjective so we will leave it you to decide it. The Endeavour seen here gets a colourful image. The front grille gets a neon coloured Ford logo on the aftermarket grille. There is also a bull bar at the front. The colour of the headlamps and the tail lamps have also been changed and the Endeavour moniker on the rear has been painted red and black. There is a faux scoop on the hood painted with different shades of colours.

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