Modified Ford Mustang GT nearly crashes while attempting to drift [Video]

Ford Mustang is definitely one of the sportiest cars that one can buy in India. The Mustang became very popular in India soon after its launch and it remained sold out for a long time in the market. Ford is yet to launch the new Mustang in India. However, all the cars that were on sale in the market officially are sold out. Here is a video of a modified Ford Mustang trying to drift on the public roads.

The video by CS12 Vlogs shows a heavily modified Ford Mustang taking a turn and as it speeds away, the driver tries to drive the vehicle. Due to the extremely high power of the car, the driver mismanages the drift. The video clearly shows that the vehicle understeers too much and was about to hit the divider in the middle of the road. The driver corrects the steering but overdoes it on the opposite side. The whiplash effect was too strong and the Mustang got saved from hitting the side of the road.

This does seem like a scary manoeuvre and that too on the public roads. People who were standing on the side of the road to click pictures of the vehicle could have got hurt too. Such stunts are illegal to do on public roads and could have resulted in a massive challan.

Stunting on the road

Modified Ford Mustang GT nearly crashes while attempting to drift [Video]

In the past, there have been quite a few incidents where doing stunts on public roads have caused accidents. With such powerful vehicles, the chances of going wrong become much higher. That is why one should remain extra cautious while driving such powerful vehicles. In many other cases, the motorists get distracted by such stunts on the public roads and get involved in accidents.

This is why doing stunts are banned on the public roads and it is illegal in India. The best way to practice and perform such stunts is to use empty parking lots and any private areas like a farmhouse.

Tank slapper on cars

While the tank slapper can be forgiving on the cars, it can be dangerous on a motorcycle, it can literally throw the rider. Tank slapper in cars are rare but they are extremely scary can cause massive accidents. It is caused when a vehicle comes out of a corner too fast and loses traction. This is when the driver starts to overcorrect the slide and then it continues.

This can become strong at higher speeds and cause the vehicle to off-balance. In motorcycles, correcting a tank slapper can be a big task and often extremely difficult. But it is not the case with cars. Tank slappers in vehicles can be corrected by slowing down the speed and bringing the vehicle to a halt.

The Mustang is an RWD vehicle. It seems that the driver has turned off all the assists in the vehicle that allowed him to drift and put the car in a sideways position.