10 modified Harley-Davidson motorcycles from India that’ll make you go WOW

Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular brands around the world when it comes to customization. There are some extreme modifications and customisations based on Harley-Davidson bikes around the world. To promote customisation in India, Harley-Davidson officially started a contest called ‘Battle of the Kings’ and here are the top ten modified motorcycles that are participating in the contest.

Glory 1903

This customisation is an official entry from the Capital Harley-Davidson, Gurgaon. The bike is a homage to Willie G. Davidson and gets some beautiful looking modifications. To start with, the chassis of the bike has been cut short. It gets a globe-inspired paint job on the fuel tank finished in bright blue colour and a funky looking fuel tank cap. The bike gets wider tyres with the sidewalls finished in white colour. The tail lamp has been replaced by a new all-LED unit. The bike looks extremely good and as per Capital Harley-Davidson, this is the most affordable modification job of all the participants.

Glory 2


This customised model comes from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is a cafe-racer based on Street 750. The bike has been modified to be fast and as nimble as possible. The bike gets a new suspension and a much more aggressive seating posture which allows better aerodynamics. The modder has tried to keep the retro feel alive but has added modern bits to the bike. Parts like front forks, monoshock and new clip-on handlebars change the stance of the bike. The aftermarket air filter and the exhaust system make the bike look even better.

Miraki 1

Bone Crusher

This is again a Harley-Davidson Street 750 that has been converted into a Softail. It gets a Softail swing arm with a hidden rear suspension. The front part of the bike has been inspired by the new Harley-Davidson Softail series. It gets new alloy wheels with heavy-duty tyres and a three-lamp set-up at the head. The whole bike gets a very gothic paint scheme with a lot of skulls and bones.

Bone Crush

The Kolkata Street-Knight

As the name indicates, the bike is made by Kolkata-based Bengal Harley Davidson. The bike showcases the rich heritage of Bengal. It gets the character of Bhadralok-Reformer who spearheaded the Bengal Renaissance in the late-19th century. It gets spoked rims which are 2 inches bigger than the stock size. The rear wheel gets a wide 160 section tyre. It is based on the Street 750 but gets a new handlebar and a paint scheme that makes it look very different from the stock.

Kolkata Street

Adam 115

This model comes from Banjara Harley-Davidson, Hyderabad. The Adam 115 is inspired by the Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, which is known as one of the greatest jewels in the western art. It gets new tyres which are much thicker than the stock tyres and cover the spoked rims. It gets a customised fuel tank and a beautiful matte blue paint scheme. The bike also gets an aftermarket exhaust.

Adam 115


This is Enduro-styled customised bike is based on the Street 750. The modification job has been done by Tusker Harley-Davidson, Bangalore and the bike looks quite unique. The bike gets a handlebar raiser that increases the height of the handlebar by 2 inches. It also gets an aftermarket suspension system at the front and back that can take on much difficult terrains and keeps the bike stable. The black base paint with an orange highlight makes the Endu-Rod look quite different.



The Rattler comes from Kochi and looks very smart. The bike has been customised to run smoothly on the roughest of the terrains and gets many changes. As per the modder, the major changes include a new front and rear suspension, new spoked wheels with big block tyres, custom fuel tank with a dual-tone paint job, flat surface seat and a new motocross-styled front mudguard.


Game Changer

Game Changer 1

The Game Changer comes from Pune and looks extremely good. The bike gets parts from other Harley-Davidsons to give it an extreme look. It gets its headlamp from the Night Rod Special while the front suspension, fork brackets and indented gas tank come from the Roadster 1200. The leather seat is hand-stitched and it gets two high-rise flat track exhausts. The engine has also been altered and it now produces 22 Bhp extra power. It can do 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

Game Changer 2


The name means clay structure brought to life and it has been designed Konark Harley-Davidson based in Bhubaneshwar. The Golem is based on the Harley-Davidson Street 750 chassis that has been chopped from the middle. The new hardtail rear frame fitted has been customised in-house. The bike also gets floating-type callipers in the front for the springer forks, while the master cylinder has been repositioned to add a cleaner look to the bike.

Golem 1

Green Guzzler

The Green Guzzler comes from Kolhapur and is a dirt-bike inspired custom job. The headlight of the bike comes from the Harley-Davidson Nightrod Special while there is a special MX style handlebar that gives a very upright seating posture. The bike gets an upside down bar-end mirror to give the sporty touch. The stock tyres have been replaced with knobby rubber and the seat is completely hand-crafted.

Guzzler 1