Modified Honda Civic sedan with Mugen kit looks sporty [Video]

Honda Civic is a very popular premium sedan among car enthusiasts. Honda does not sell the Civic in India anymore but, there are several well-kept and neatly modified examples of 8th generation and 10th generation Civic sedans in the country. We have featured some of these modified and restored Honda Civic sedans on our website in the past. Here we have the video of a 10 year old Honda Civic which has been neatly restored and customised with a Mugen sports kit.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. In this video, the customer walks in to the garage with his 10 year old 8th generation Honda Civic sedan. The original colour on the car was Grey which is actually a very subtle or formal colour. The customer wanted to change the colour on his car but he was not sure on which colour to choose. After a long discussion with the garage owner, he almost finalised a Blue shade. It is the same Blue shade which Skoda offers in their Superb sedan.

The customer was still not satisfied as he was not looking for a shade which would look very loud on the car. He wanted a subtle yet different colour for his sedan and that is when he saw a BMW parked at the workshop. The Deep Blue shade on the BMW caught his attention and he asked for something like this on the Civic and finalised it. The Civic seen here in the video is a 10 year old car but it looks like the owner has taken good care of the car. There were no major dents or scratches anywhere on the car. The owner was planning to modify the exterior of the Civic and the new paint job was part of it.

Modified Honda Civic sedan with Mugen kit looks sporty [Video]

The front bumper and grille were removed from the car. The rear bumper was also removed as part of the modification. The minor dents on the door and other body panels were corrected using a dent puller machine. Once this was done, a thin coat of putty was applied on the panel and the excess putty removed as well. Once the putty work had dried, the car was taken to the paint booth. The car was completely cleaned to ensure that there is no dust particle on the car when it is taken tot the paint booth. A dark coloured primer was applied and the Deep Blue shade was prayed on it t achieve the desired look. The panels, like doors, bonnet, tail gate were all separately painted for a neat and even look.

The front and rear bumper of the car was removed and replaced with an aftermarket Mugen kit. The Mugen Kit was also painted in the Deep Blue colour and it was looking sporty as well. The rear bumper now comes with a twin faux exhaust tips. The car was looking extremely beautiful and unique in this shade of Blue. The owner or the customer was very happy with the result and the excitement was very evident on his face after seeing the finished product.