Modified Honda Shine cafe racer motorcycle proves humble can be very cool

We have featured many Royal Enfield-based Cafe Racer motorcycles on our website. The custom motorcycle we have today, however, isn’t yet another RE-based mod-job. Instead, the Cafe Racer you see below is based on a humble Honda Shine 125cc commuter motorcycle. This modification comes from Rajasthan-based ‘Feel on Wheel’.

The customisers have decided to call this motorcycle ‘Cybertron’. As you must have guessed from the name, the motorcycle carries a futuristic and rather robotic touch to its design, which, together with the Cafe Racer design, gives this modified Shine a neo-retro look. Up front, the original bikini fairing has made way for a shield-like panel that has a horizontal slit for the headlamp. Other than this, the front-end carries a sleeker, smaller fender and a dual-purpose tyre.

The side profile is characterized by a new fuel tank, which, in a manner typical of Cafe Racers, is a long and rather slender unit that’s completely devoid of any sort of decals. However, it carries some bold stickering that announces the new name of this Honda Shine. Also, the fuel tank has a dual-tone look, which is courtesy of black paint on its side and a silver finish in the middle. Other highlights of this motorcycle’s side profile include an exposed frame, which is mainly due to the removal of side panels and the tailpiece. Another highlight of the side profile is its custom exhaust.

The rear-end is characterized by a small rear-seat cowl and a tiny tire hugger. There’s also a thin LED strip built into the rear-seat cowl that works as a taillight. Once astride, you’ll be quick to notice the single-pod instrumentation and the clip-ons. The original seat has been dumped. Instead, the Cybertron gets a flat, single-seat arrangement that’s typical of most Cafe Racers. Performance modifications include a conical air filter and a custom exhaust. Other than this, the motorcycle doesn’t seem to carry any other performance-enhancing modification. In its stock form, the Honda Shine comes with a 124.7-cc, single-cylinder engine that outputs 10.57 bhp and 10.30 Nm. The engine comes mated to a four-speed transmission.

Video courtesy – Motormahal