Modified HOT Mahindra Boleros in India

Modified HOT Mahindra Boleros in India

One of the most successful products by Mahindra, the Bolero also happens to be loved by off-roaders and modifiers alike. We look at a bunch of nicely modified versions of the Bolero. So if you’re planning to get one modified, keep a pen and paper handy.

Starting with the oldest here,

Bolero GLX


Debuted in 2000, the Bolero GLX was a step up from anything and everything Mahindra sold in the UV segment. While the Scorpio would later come and take care of the SUV buyers, it was the Bolero GL/GLX that catered to both those who were looking for UVs and the ones for SUVs.


With a Peugeot engine under the bonnet, it wasn’t new — it still shared a lot with its predecessors — but the proven mechanicals and the good old styling worked very well.


The modified example gets custom bumpers, new wheels and tyres, a pair of large auxiliary lamps, and flared wheel arches.

Mahindra G-Wagen


There are a lot of Mahindra Bolero-based customs that try to look like the G-Wagen but the one by Kerala-based R&T Auto Catalyst is as close to the real deal as it can get. The underpinnings might have not changed but the replica uses actual G-Wagen parts.


It’s no surprise that to the untrained eye, the G looks like the Bolero, hence it made all the right sense for whoever commissioned the build to go ahead with it.

The ultimate tour-buddy


If you’re a fan of custom 4x4s, then you must have appreciated Gul Panag’s Scorpio Getaway that was probably the best way to go tripping, thanks to amenities like a foldable tent and even a shower present. Now think of that but based on the Bolero, and you have the vehicle featured here. Based on a Bolero 4WD, the custom vehicle here comes with a rooftop tent (with a space for four adults), an external roll-cage, custom bits like the bonnet and the front bumper, Maxxis tyres, two sets of fog lamps, and the space to set up a small kitchen in the boot.


What else would one need!

Bolero Invader


Essentially positioned in the same position as the Mahindra Classic — after the latter was discontinued — the Invader was a lifestyle oriented version of the Bolero. The shortened chassis, and the presence of AWD system makes it a desirable vehicle, even thought its market popularity is nowhere close to the Bolero. The example here comes with an updated front-end (from the new Bolero), a lift kit with better tyres installed, and three sets of auxiliary lamps installed. A snorkel, a bright orange paintjob, and an ARB bumper round up the changes on this one.

Retro Bolero


Bolero isn’t an awfully modern vehicle to start with, but it lacks the Jeep looks, doesn’t it? Someone also felt the same and modified one to look more retro. The Jeep front end gels well with the rest of the vehicle, while the custom front bumper, white-coloured springs, and a wide LED bar add to the purposeful look.


This one’s based on the Bolero GLX.

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