Modified Hyundai Creta with air suspension is radical [video]

Hyundai Creta is one of the popular compact SUV in the segment. It has been in the country for a while and is still favourite among youngsters and families for its design, looks, comfort and the features it offers. We have seen many examples of modified Hyundai Creta in India and from other countries as well. Normal examples that we have seen in the past have modifications like wide body kit, swanky looking alloys or revamped interiors to give it a new look. But here we have a Hyundai Creta that has been extensively modified and that gets an air suspension.

The video has been uploaded by Tass Loco507 on his Youtube channel. The video starts by showing the Hyundai Creta which is nearly kissing the ground. This Creta has been extensively modified from all the sides. The car now gets a shade of red with pin striping on the hood and other places. The car gets a body kit installed that makes it look even more lowered than it actually is. The headlamp has been smoked out and the lower part of the bumper gets a lip that gives it a sportier look.

Coming to the side, Creta gets a golden coloured bling looking alloy with low profile tyres. Other modification made on the side are the doors. The front gets a scissor door whereas the rear one opens like suicide door. Chrome has been totally removed from the car and car gets a combination of red and black. The tail lights are now LED and the rear and the side profile also gets the body kit.

Modified Hyundai Creta with air suspension is radical

Then coming to the main attraction, the air  suspension. This is probably the first time that we have seen a Creta with an air suspension setup. The video shows the maximum ground clearance that the car can achieve using this new setup and the it also touches the ground when the height is completely lowered.

Apart from that the Creta also gets the interiors modified and also gets a massive infotainment system setup in the boot. The setup for the air suspension is also placed on top of it. Hyundai had recently unveiled the next-generation Creta in the Indian market and will be launching the same in the next couple of months. The SUV was shown at the Auto Expo, with none other than long-time Hyundai brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan unveiling it.