Owner of India’s most HEAVILY modified Isuzu V-Cross turns car to stock after MVD fine of Rs 48,000

Earlier this year, Abin Abraham Babs, the owner of India’s wildest Isuzu D-Max V-Cross got visitors from Kerala MVD after someone complained about the vehicle. It was one of the most popularly modified vehicles in India with a lift kit of 12-inches and massive tyres. Kerala MVD reached the home of the owner and issued a fine of Rs 48,000 for using illegal modifications on the vehicle. The vehicle has now been converted to the stock condition and here are the pictures.

Abin, the owner of the vehicle shared a video a week ago saying “Bye Bye V-Cross”. The car was leaving the garage at that point but the latest picture shows that all the modifications in the vehicle have been reversed to the normal form and the pick-up now looks completely stock apart from a few changes like the blacked-out front but and de-chrome pack. But that’s about it, everything else has been removed.

The modification list of the Isuzu V-Cross was long and expansive. Starting from 6-inch lift kit with an additional air suspension of 6-inch from Air1 Performance. The exact height was around 12-inch, which made it look like a monster truck on the roads. Apart from the lift kit, it had 16-inch Lenso rims wrapped in massive all-terrain tyres. There were even spacers installed to give it a wide look. The vehicle also gets a lot of auxiliary LED lamps that made it look extremely loud. There are more modifications like a snorkel, aftermarket headlamps, an aftermarket grille, and a customised exhaust system.

Kerala MVD  reached the home of the owner and the vehicle was parked inside the home. Even though the owner countered the claims of MVD and said that they cannot issue a fine to the vehicle since it is parked inside the home, the MVD issued the challan regardless. Abin Abraham Babs did not pay the fine on-spot and said that he will challenge the MVD in court. However, in a post at a later date, he said that he had paid the fines to the authorities.

According to the information, the Kerala MVD had given the owner a time of 6 months to reverse the modifications and make the vehicle stock again. Since there were too many modifications, it did take a lot of time time to switch it back to the original condition. It did spend a lot of time in the garage too.

It seems that now the vehicle will be inspected by MVD or RTO and only after the authorities find the vehicle satisfactory enough, it will be allowed to run on the public roads. It should be noted that modified vehicles are illegal to use on public roads. Even though the V-Cross was parked inside the home when the MVD came, they had enough video evidence that the vehicle had been out on the public roads in the past. It was only after the complaint of someone that MVD got the location of the vehicle and issued a hefty fine to the owner.