This modified Isuzu V-Cross is an off-road monster [Video]

Pick-up trucks have never been successful in Indian market as personal vehicles. In the past we have seen manufacturers like Mahindra and Tata come up with models like Xenon and Scorpio Getaway and discontinue it from Indian market due to low numbers. This changed after the arrival of Isuzu V-Cross. It is probably the first lifestyle pick-up truck in India that became popular in Indian market. It had not rivals in the market till now. It is a popular vehicle among off-road enthusiasts and we have seen several examples of extremely modified Isuzu V-Cross online. Here we have a V-Cross that has been modified into an off-road monster.

The video has been uploaded by MIHIR GALAT on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about the modifications that are done to the car. First thing that would attract one in this V-Cross is the colour. The owner has got the whole vehicle wrapped in matte Green shade. The stock front bumper on this V-Cross has been replaced with an aftermarket off-road unit and it comes with a large auxiliary lamp installed below it. An electric winch is also installed in the car. The front grille on the car has also been slightly tweaked and a bug visor has been installed on the bonnet.

Coming to the side profile, there V-Cross looks taller than the stock version that is because of the lift kit installed on it. The suspension set up on this V-Cross has also been upgraded. The original alloy wheels on this pick up truck has been replaced with aftermarket wheels and tyres. The V-Cross now gets 35 inch Mud-Terrain tyres which is massive. There are metal foot steps or rock sliders installed and a snorkel has also been installed for better water wading. The door handles are blacked out and on the roof there is a long auxiliary lamp installed.

This modified Isuzu V-Cross is an off-road monster [Video]

Other than this, the roof gets a metal frame which can be used to carry things. The whole bed at the rear has been wrapped in rubberised material which prevents it from scratches. A roll bar has been installed and along with that, there is a carrier for the spare wheel as well. The spare tyre is also of the same size. The rear bumper has also been revised and there are hooks and shackles to pull others and and get pulled out from tricky situations. After all the modifications, this V-Cross definitely looks ready for off-road and has the look of a monster truck.

The interior of the V-Cross have also been modified. There are custom made seats which offer utmost comfort to the occupants and another unique feature inside the car is the panoramic sunroof. This is probably the one V-Cross in the country to get an aftermarket panoramic sunroof. Many of the modifications on this V-Cross have been removed and in the video it is mentioned that owner has spent almost Rs 20 lakh on modification of this truck alone. This is without any doubt one of the best looking modified Isuzu V-Cross in the country.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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