India’s best modified KTM Duke 200 is for sale

KTM 200 Duke is a popular motorcycle in the Indian market and the bike is loved by many enthusiasts. There are many modified examples of the KTM 200 Duke and many of them get a totally different body type from the stock model. Here is one such modified KTM 200 Duke that gets transformed into a Brat bike and what’s more? It is on sale with an attractive price tag.

The bike has been modified by the owner himself with the help of a local welding shop, which ensures top-notch quality. The asking price of the bike is Rs 1.25 lakh and it is a 2013 model. The bike has done a total of 47,000 according to the odometer reading and the advertisement on the T-BHP also claims that a detailed service history of the bike is available, which is quite a bonus. The ad further says that it is currently owned by the second owner, which means that the bike will be sold to the third owner. The reason for sale is listed as “upgrading” and the seller also mentions that it is not a distress sale.

Nonetheless, the KTM 200 Duke Brat bike seen here gets a lot of customisations. The fuel tank of the bike has been modified after removing the outer casing and adding a custom casing that looks very different from the stock tank.  The chassis of the bike has been chopped to make it shorter in size. The tail-end gets shorter by a few inches, that gives it a true brat look. Also, the trellis frame of the bike has been straightened out to give a proper look. For this, the rear sub-frame of the bike has been heated and then pressure is applied from the above to straighten it. Also, the upper frame gets a few cuts to allow it to straighten.

India’s best modified KTM Duke 200 is for sale

After cutting the frame, a newly fabricated rear subframe has been added in the Brat Cafe Racer style. The whole frame is then again heated to bring it lower and straighten it out to give a true brat racer feel to the bike. After positioning the sub-frame properly, the joints the welded to hold them to place properly. Then the seat of the bike is fabricated, which is flat. Also, it gets custom front and rear metal fenders. The instrument cluster gets a customised metallic insert that makes it look much better than the stock version.

The engine of the KTM 200 Duke remains untouched. It gets powered by a single-cylinder petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 25.1 PS and peak torque of 19.2 Nm. It gets a standard six-speed transmission. The liquid-cooled engine of the KTM 200 Duke is high-revving and is fun-to-ride.

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