5 tastefully modified Mahindra Armada SUVs from across India

Mahindra is almost a synonyms to SUVs in the Indian market. From the manufacturer of the market capturing SUVs like Scorpio and highly capable cars like XUV, came another classic, way back in 1993, called Mahindra Armada. It was soon replaced by Mahindra Maxx in 2001. Like the Scorpio, even Armada has been a favourite for car modifiers. Many of the old Armadas are restored tastefully by modifying them. Let’s see five such Armada vehicles.

Perfect Resto-mod

This modified Armada comes from the land where men and women are highly judged by their choice of cars and a lot of thought goes into how it looks as opposed to how it performs. This resto-modded vehicle is brought from Punjab. It has got all the features that make it look classy as well as highly masculine. When you look at it, your eyes immediately notice the Godzilla mud-terrain tyres first, followed by the aftermarket alloy wheels and then to the dolphin grat matte finish.

The customized interiors are borrowed from the Hyundai Accent, making it an almost hybrid car. Coming to the features, it has a central locking system and all four powered windows to make it more user friendly in today’s age and time. The engine is a 2.5-litre diesel Peugeot X3DP. We couldn’t miss the off-road spec bumpers, the off-road spec bull bar and of course the LED bar placed at the front and to accentuate all those features, it gets a customized 8-inch lift.

Armada Pick Up Truck

Well, it is not uncommon to have an SUV converted to a pick-up truck, however, it has never happened to Armada. This modified Armada pick up truck comes from Munnar, Kerela and the final look of the car is quite similar to the old generation Nissan Patrol, but smaller in length. The front of the car is quite classic with an aftermarket grille and headlamps. It has an aftermarket bumper as well with a winch conveniently mounted on it. Even the suspension is aftermarket and is complimented with a significant scoop on the bonnet. This one has LEDs mounted on the wheel arches, which will definitely be an interesting thing to watch when it gets dark and it on the road.

SD Off-roaders

5 tastefully modified Mahindra Armada SUVs from across India

If you had a nickel for every time an SUV was highly customized to be an off-roading vehicle, you’d be very rich today. This Armada has not only been given an offroading look, it has actually been painted in desert brown colour to set the tone and just to make sure that we’re not missing the point here. This one also has an aftermarket off-road spec steel bumper that gets winch mounted on it. All the lights on the car, including the headlamps and indicators, are placed behind the grilles. The modifier went generous with the lighting by adding lights on the roof of the car as well as the indicators mounted on the wheel arches. The rare of the car has been modified to fit in the spare tyre and it also is guarded by an exoskeleton that will save the car in case of any rollovers during the off-roading.

5 tastefully modified Mahindra Armada SUVs from across India

Armada Rubicon

5 tastefully modified Mahindra Armada SUVs from across India

Jeep has an extremely standardized sense of style. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is one such epitome of the classic Jeep style. It is one of the most recognizable SUVs in the world. This Mahindra Armada has been clubbed by taking the best of both the Armada and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The similarities from Jeep Wrangler Rubicon are clearly visible with the four-door set up and a small flatbed in the rear. It has been painted in a bright orange colour to make it look distinctive. It has also been given aftermarket tyres which are definitely much bigger than the stock tyres and we can’t miss the aftermarket angry-bird inspired front grill.


5 tastefully modified Mahindra Armada SUVs from across India

Ever heard of the phrase, less is more? Well, this modified Mahindra Armada speaks volumes about minimalistic designs. With the aftermarket steel bumper and the off-road spec bull bar, it lifts up the extremely chic design. It gets huge fender flares and the LED lamps have been mounted on them. It gets its masculine angle with the really big meaty tyres and gets black highlights all over which gives the paint job a dual grey-black tone, it also forms an illusion of a soft-top car with a canvas roof.