Modified Mahindra Bolero 4×4 goes off-roading: Nearly flips [Video]

mahindra bolero near flip

Off-roading is an adventure activity that is slowly gaining popularity among people in India. There are many SUV owners’ groups that organize off-road trips where they can learn more about the capabilities of their 4x4s. We have come across several videos in the past where both stock and modified vehicles have showcased their capabilities in tough terrains. In this video uploaded by Ashwin Singh Takiar on his YouTube channel, a heavily modded Mahindra Bolero 4×4, Mahindra Thar, and Isuzu V-Cross are seen off-roading with the vlogger and his friends.

The vlogger has a decent number of modified SUVs in his garage, including a Ford Endeavour and Mahindra Thar. However, for various reasons, he is driving the Mahindra Scorpio N in this video. On their way to the off-road trail, he picks up a couple of friends, and they all meet at a common point.

From there, the vlogger and his friends all drive to the trail, which is actually a section with several mud hills. It was raining slightly when they were driving to the off-road section. The vlogger can be heard saying in the video that he is not going to take the Scorpio N off-road as it is not prepared for that, and it is also running on stock tires, which are not suitable for this surface.

The convoy consists of vehicles like a heavily modified Mahindra Bolero with a 4-inch lift kit, which has been completely prepared for off-road purposes. Along with them, there are a couple of modified Mahindra Thar SUVs that have also been modified for off-roading, and one of them has driven the SUV all the way from Jammu to meet the vlogger and his friends for off-roading. They soon find a trail and start climbing up. The current generation Mahindra Thar was the first to go up, and the SUV smoothly crawled up.

Modified Mahindra Bolero 4×4 goes off-roading: Nearly flips [Video]
heavily modified Bolero 4×4

The Mahindra Bolero 4×4 in the group also drove up the steep section without any issue. The old generation Mahindra Thar in the group also crawled up without any drama. The vlogger, on the other hand, took the Scorpio N through an alternate track that was less challenging for his Scorpio N. He did engage 4H, and the SUV smoothly came up. Although there were many vehicles in the group, the Mahindra Bolero was the star of the show.

It looked different from all others and was also a beast when it comes to off-roading. The SUV comes with solid axle suspension at the front, which makes it extremely capable off the road. There were ruts on the track where these SUVs were climbing, and most of the vehicles had their wheels up in the air for a few seconds. However, the Bolero’s wheel articulation was superb, and all four wheels were always on the ground. The Bolero 4×4 was simply climbing up without any issue, and the driver didn’t even put much effort into this section. Independent front suspension is better for road usage, but it limits the capabilities when you drive through extreme off-road sections. They drove to other trails, and all the SUVs performed pretty well without any major hiccups.