This modified Mahindra FJ-460 DX pick-up truck looks beautiful [Video]

There is a section of car enthusiast in India who like t collect vintage vehicles. We have featured many well maintained and fully restored vintage vehicles on our website as well. This time around we have a very unique looking vehicle featured in this article. The vehicle is a Mahindra FJ-460 DX pickup truck. For those who still cannot remember the vehicle, it was the pick-up version of the Mahindra minibus which was quite common on our roads. It was available in both 2WD and 4WD options and the FJ-460 was the 4WD version. Here we have a completely restored Mahindra FJ-460 DX pick-up truck that looks beautiful.

The video has been uploaded by kamcustoms and the restoration work on this truck has been done by them only. The pick-up seen here in the video is actually a modified and fully restored pick-up truck. This pick-up was initially manufactured by Willys Motors and was called Jeep Forward Control. Later Mahindra started assembling the same in India as well.

Kam Customs has done several modifications to the pick-up. They have converted a regular 4WD pick-up truck into a truck that is suitable for extreme off-road terrains. The main attraction on this truck is definitely the paint job. The whole truck has been repainted in Candy Yellow and white combination. This gives the truck a retro look which goes well with the overall design of the truck. At the front, the massive vertical slat grille is placed with two round headlamps next to it. The front bumper has been modified in this truck. It now comes with a metal bar at the front which comes in handy while off-roading. This is a custom made unit.

The overall design of the cabin remains the same but there are custom made fenders installed on it. Another important modification that one would notice while looking at the side profile are the wheels. The original steel rims on the truck have been replaced with an aftermarket off-road rims and off-road tyres from Maxxis Bighorn. Coming to the rear, the tub at the rear looks different from the original unit. That is because Kam customs completely rebuild from scratch. The bed and every panel at the rear is a custom made unit and that gives the truck a different identity.

This modified Mahindra FJ-460 DX pick-up truck looks beautiful [Video]

Mahindra FJ-460 DX was quite popular in southern part of India especially in coffee estates and plantations. Due its rugged looks and 4WD feature it could handle steep gradients while carrying loads at the back. It was so popular that it even replaced tractors in some of the estates as driving tractors on such terrain was risky as they were more likely to flip on such steep uphill sections.

The engine on this particular Mahindra FJ-460 DX was replaced as it was not meeting the emission norms. The truck now gets 3.3 litre Simpsons diesel engine mated to a 4-speed gearbox. It also has a 2-speed transfer box installed in it. Few modifications were made to axles of this truck to enhance the load carrying capacity as well. The work done on this Mahindra truck looks neat.

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