India’s first modified Mahindra Scorpio with a bike carrier carries a Yamaha RX135 [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio is one of those SUVs that has a cult following in India. Ever since its launch in 2002, the Scorpio has changed the SUV culture in India completely and is still going strong when it comes to sales. Scorpio is so popular that even after launching the all-new Scorpio N, Mahindra is selling it in the market as Scorpio Classic. We have also seen variety of modified Mahindra Scorpio SUVs from different parts of the country. Here we have very unique-looking modified Mahindra Scorpio which comes with a bike carrier at the rear.

The video has been shared by Mr_Spider 4950 on his YouTube channel. The Scorpio seen here is owned by Shersha Jalal from Kerala. The video seen above is over an year old the owner has made some more changes to the car after that. In the videos and pictures that are available on his Instagram page, it is quite evident. This is probably India’s first modified Scorpio to come with a bike carrier at the rear. The owner has done several modifications to the SUV. first thing that one would notice on this Scorpio is the paint job. The whole SUV has been finished in Nardo Grey shade.

The front bumper has been removed to give it a rugged look. The front grille on this SUV is a custom unit and the headlamps have also been customised. There is a snorkel installed and a 50 inch LED bar light on the roof. A metal carrier with spare wheel mounted on it can also be seen with the car. The Scorpio looks slightly taller than the stock as it now gets a 3 inch lift kit installed. The stock wheels have been replaced with aftermarket off-road rims and tyres. The tail lamps on this Scorpio are replaced with Scorpio Classic unit.

As we move to the rear, we come to the main attraction on this SUV. At the rear, a Yamaha RX135 is kept on a carrier. We have seen people carrying motorcycle on the back of a pick-up truck but we have rarely seen such things at the back of a hardtop SUV. In some of the videos that the owner has shared online, we can see him driving the SUV on public roads with bike mounted at the back on the carrier. This definitely looks cool especially with all the modifications however, it is completely illegal.

India’s first modified Mahindra Scorpio with a bike carrier carries a Yamaha RX135 [Video]

In most of the videos, the SUV is being with no front bumper. The registration number of the SUV is not visible and driving a car with no registration number is once again illegal. The bike carrier on the Scorpio is actually made of metal and it is mounted on a frame attached to the chassis of the car. Once again, the RX135 motorcycle is hiding the number plate of the SUV. If the SUV is involved in an accident where the Scorpio is rear-ended by another vehicle, the metal frame and carrier on which the motorcycle is kept would come in contact with the other vehicle and might damage other vehicles badly.