India’s most powerful Mahindra Thar: This is IT! [Video]

Mahindra Thar is currently one of the most popular SUV in the market. There is currently a long waiting period on the SUV and many people who have received their SUV have already modified it as well. The current generation Mahindra Thar has improved a lot in terms of build quality and features. For those who are looking for more always have the option for aftermarket accessories. We have seen several modified Mahindra Thar on internet. Some of them are modified for off-road and while the others are done to make the SUV looks a lot more premium. Here we have on such modified Mahindra Thar SUV that gets dieselTronic installed in it.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger talking to the owner of the SUV. First thing that one would notice on the Thar is the paint job. This is an all-black Mahindra Thar but, the owner was not satisfied with the paint quality. So instead of going for a PPF or Ceramic coating, he went ahead and applied peelable paint on the Thar. This is just like a wrap but, instead of a vinyl in this process, the whole car is painted in peelable paint. This can be taken off in future without damaging the original colour of the car.

The owner went ahead with the Midnight Black shade which is available with XUV700. The Thar looks different in this new shade. Other changes on this Mahindra include an aftermarket front grille, aftermarket LED headlamps with integrated ring type dual-function LED DRLs. The car also gets 20 inch aftermarket alloy wheels. The owner mentions that the stock wheels were offering great comfort and were more suitable for off-roading but, they wanted to replace the wheels as they wanted to have a different look for the car.

India’s most powerful Mahindra Thar: This is IT! [Video]

Other than this, the owner has also made customisations to the interior. He mentioned that he had to wait for almost 8 months for this SUV and once he received the car, he found out that the quality of the speakers in Thar were not great. So he got them replaced with imported components from Denmark. No other changes were made to the cabin of this SUV. The SUV seen here is a diesel automatic hard top version. The stock version of Mahindra Thar generates 130 Bhp and 320 Nm of peak torque. This Thar however is a lot more powerful than the stock version.

The SUV comes with DieselTronic installed in it. This is a plug and play system which means none of the existing wires need to be cut. The piggyback is installed under the hood and comes with four drive modes. Each mode plays around with the throttle response of the car. P1 and P2 mode are meant for performance and economy. There is a Stock mode and an economy mode as well. The Thars character is different in each modes. The owner mentions that the car now generates 170 Bhp which is impressive when compared to the stock version.