Modified Maruti 800 convertible thinks it’s a baby Ford Mustang

Seen here are a couple of videos of a modified Maruti 800 Convertible from Shillong. From the looks of it, the car seems to be based on the 800 MPFI BS III model. As can be seen, this 800 has been given a drop-top body with a bright-red paint scheme.

Typical of a convertible, this modified Maruti 800 has only two doors. The front-end is characterized by a custom grille with a badge that belongs to . . wait for it . the mighty Ford Mustang! It gets. The bumper is also new. The indicators and the headlights, however, have been taken from a pre-MPFI 800.

The hood gets a faux air scoop. The side profile is characterized by stylish multi-spoke alloy wheels, chrome-plated door handles, and, of course, the convertible architecture.

The car has a soft-top that needs to be manually operated. The rear gets many updates such as the custom tail lamps, a rather chunky boot-mounted spoiler, and a custom bumper. The interior stays pretty much the same, except for a new sports steering wheel and an all-black theme. The interior seems to have been done up in art leather.

There is no information on the technical specifications of this modified Maruti 800. The stock 800 used to come with a 796cc, three-cylinder, petrol engine that offered a maximum power output of 37 bhp and a peak torque output of 59 Nm.

While these are pretty modest figures, the car weighs only 665 KGs, which leads to an adequate performance for urban usage. While the modified 800 you see here does look a lot different than the regular car, thereby benefiting from a higher street presence, its safety is highly questionable. Eliminating the B- and C-pillars must have taken a toll on the structural rigidity. Also, technically speaking, such mod-jobs are illegal and therefore, the car is no more road legal.

What do you think of this modified Maruti 800? Do you like the way it looks?