This modified Maruti 800 wants to be a 2-seater convertible sportscar [Video]

For decades, the 800 was one of the popular car from the Indian manufacturer Maruti Suzuki. It had been the family car for many because of its affordable price and comparatively low cost of maintenance. Maruti stopped the production of this small hatchback in 2014 and the the spot was later on taken by Alto 800. Even now there are people who love Maruti 800 and have maintained it in excellent condition. Many have even tried modifying it and we have covered several examples of the same in the past on our website. Here we have one such video where a Maruti 800 has been modified to look like a 2-door , 2-seater convertible sportscar.

The video has been uploaded by BANKS CUSTOM on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the changes or modification that are done to the car. The modified car does not look anything like a Maruti 800 and it is evident that the modifier has tried hard to give it a distinct look. The front of the car gets wide gap that has been custom made. Inside that cavity sits the triple projector-type headlamps with DRLs and turn indicators. The grille has been redesigned and get a black coloured horizontal bars running across the bumper.

On the hood, there is a hood scoop and the whole car gets a gloss red treatment to give it a sportscar vibe. The side profile of the car has been redesigned too and it looks shorter than original Maruti 800. Coming to the rear, you would notice that it now comes with a boot. The owner says on video that the rear portion was chopped off and was replaced with a boot from Tata Indigo sedan. It gets a rear spoiler, twin exhaust tips out of which only one works, aftermarket LED tail lights and a new bumper.

This modified Maruti 800 wants to be a 2-seater convertible sportscar [Video]

On the inside, the interior remain the same, but the steering wheel and the seats have been modified. It is now a two-seater and the roof of the car has been chopped off to give it a convertible look. The owner says that engine has been slightly tweaked but, does not give the complete information on that. The total cost modifying this Maruti 800 is approximately Rs 2.5 lakh, which is a lot of money. Talking about the modification itself, it is not the best looking cars that we have seen but, it is definitely a head turner on the roads because of its unique styling.