This modified Maruti Brezza SUV wants to be a Range Rover Evoque [Video]

Maruti Suzuki launched the all-new 2022 version of Brezza in the market few months ago. Like many Maruti models, Brezza also received a host of changes, in terms of features and looks. There are several aftermarket accessories and modification options available for Brezza in the market and we have seen some videos too. One of the common type of modification with older Brezza was Range Rover conversion. There are couple of neat looking example around as well. It looks like people are not done with the Range Rover inspired mods for Brezza and are trying the same on 2022 version too. Here we have one such modified Brezza SUV that wants to be a Range Rover Evoque.

The video has been uploaded by Modified Club on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of a Maruti Brezza who has completley customised his Brezza to look like Range Rover Evoque. The owner bought a white colour SUV to mimic the looks. At the front, he made custom Range Rover like grille and placed it over the stock grille of Brezza. Land Rover branding can be seen on one corner of the grille. Once he did that, he painted the thick black cladding on the bumper and around the car in body colour and stuck a thin black tape to mimic the design seen on Range Rover SUVs.

The Suzuki logo from all the exterior panels have been removed and there are fake air vents on the bonnet and fenders. The bonnet also gets Range Rover moniker. The owner also installed aftermarket LED DRLs and LED fog lamps on this SUV. Coming to the side profile, the main attraction on the SUV are the 18 inch aftermarket alloys. The stock 16 inch units were looking too small on the SUV specially because of the large wheel arches. The owner mentions that the ride quality has not been affected but the fuel economy has slightly dropped.

This modified Maruti Brezza SUV wants to be a Range Rover Evoque [Video]

As we come to the rear, the car gets a large Range Rover moniker on the tail gate and the Brezza badge is nowhere to be seen. it is replaced with a Evoque badge and Range Rover logo. The owner did not want the SUV to look like a Brezza at all. The owner has also modified the exhaust on this SUV. It now comes with a valvetronic exhaust which is loud when switched on. Other than the exterior modifications, the interior have also been customised. The cabin gets a black and brown theme. The door pads, pillars and the dashboard are all wrapped in leatherette material.

The fabric seat covers have been replaced with a custom fit leather seat covers and the steering also gets a leather wrap. The Suzuki logo has been removed from the steering wheel too and it gets a Range Rover branding. There are 7D floor mats and illuminated scuff plates too. Overall, the work done on this Brezza looks good but, does it look like a Range Rover, the answer is both yes and no. These type of modifications are not liked by everyone as it is pretending to be something else. The overall cost of modification on this SUV is around Rs 2 lakh.