This modified all-new Maruti Brezza wants to be a Range Rover Evoque [Video]

Maruti Brezza is a popular SUV in the sub-4 meter segment. Few months ago, Maruti launched the all-new Brezza in the market. Like the previous model, Vitara Brezza, the 2022 model has also become popular among buyers in a short span of time and is a common sight on our roads. There are a variety of modification options available for Maruti Brezza in the market. One of the most popular type of modification in older model Vitara Brezza is converting or modifying the SUV to make it look like Range Rover Evoque. The 2022 version is no different and customers have already started making such modifications to achieve the Range Rover look.

The video has been uploaded by Harsh VLOGS on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger makes a minor modification to his Maruti Brezza to get a step more closer to Range Rover Evoque look. The vlogger had bought a white colour 2022 model Maruti Brezza. He has already wrapped the roof black and the thick black claddings around the wheel arch, bumpers and the side are all painted in white. He has also changed the alloy wheels on his Maruti Brezza.

As the owner is going for a Range Rover Evoque look, he wanted to have a thin black strip on the lower part of the door. This is similar to the thin black beading that Range Rover normally offers in its new cars. In order to achieve the look, he brought the car to a workshop who deals in detailing and PPF work. They came up with the idea to wrap the lower part of the cladding using thin PPF strips. It looked like an easy job but it was not. The owner opted for black PPF which is the same material that he has applied on the roof of his car.

This modified all-new Maruti Brezza wants to be a Range Rover Evoque [Video]

The workers took out ruler and started drawing lines on the black PPF. Once they had drawn lines for 6-7 strips, they started cutting the strips out. All the strips were of the same thickness. While they were cutting the strips, they noticed a Range Rover Velar parked in the lot. They walked towards the SUV to check out how the manufacturer has actually placed the strip on the car. They took a rough measurement and came back to the Brezza. Once they had an idea on how they want the final product to look like, they started pasting the PPD on the Brezza.

They were following a straight line which gives a neat look. The strips were pasted in such a manner that it was looking like one unit. The strips flow to the rear bumper and meets the reflector lamps. A portion of the front bumper gets the black PPF on it. The owner also wanted to remove the Suzuki logo from his Brezza. He removed the logo but, the Brezza badge was still there on the tail gate. Overall, the work done on this SUV looks neat. It definitely looks different but, is it a Range Rover Evoque? No.