Modified Maruti Gypsy by Northeast Motors look dope

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is an iconic 4×4 SUV that was available on sale in India. Maruti discontinued the compact SUV due to changing emission and safety norms. It was a popular SUV among off-road enthusiasts and even the armed forces used it as their official vehicle for years. Even today there are several examples of neatly modified Maruti Gypsy from different parts of the country and we have featured many of them on our website as well. Foreign markets have already received Jimny available in international markets which is the successor of Gypsy. Here we have a video that shows a neatly modified Maruti Gypsy from Northeast Motors.

The video has been uploaded by All in One Entertainment on their YouTube channel. The video talks about all the modifications that have been done to the SUV. Starting with the paint, it gets a premium Satin Grey paint on the body and other elements are finished in matte black. The combination of Grey and matte black looks good on the SUV. Best part about this modification is that most of the panels installed on the Gypsy were made by Northeas Motors at their workshop.

At the front, the stock front grille on the Gypsy was replaced with a custom made unit. The new grille acts as a single rectangular unit and the headlamps are integrated in it. Coming down, the SUV also gets a custom made bumper. The bonnet of this Gypsy gets hood scoop and vents on it. A custom made LED turn indicator is also seen next to the headlamp and on the fender.  The fender flare installed on this SUV is also a unit made by Northeast Motors.

Modified Maruti Gypsy by Northeast Motors look dope

Rector 4×4 sticker can be seen on the side profile. This is actually the name of this Gypsy project. The ORVMs are aftermarket units and the SUV now runs on 15 inch aftermarket alloy wheels and off-road tyres. Northeast Motors converted the single cabin design of Gypsy to a double cabin design. The car gets a small luggage space at the rear with a metal lid on it. The roof on this Maruti Gypsy or Rector 4×4 is also a custom made unit. Spare wheel is mounted on the tail gate and there is a jerry can holder installed at the rear left of the car. Rear bumper on this Gypsy is also a custom made unit and aftermarket LED tail lamps have been installed here.

Moving in, the dashboard gets a carbon fiber finish at placed to go with the overall theme of the car. Custom floor mats have been installed, the SUV also gets custom seat covers and it is only when you sit in you realise that the Gypsy comes with a manual sunroof for front and a moon roof for rear passengers. Cup holders, armrest and door panels were all done as part of the modification. Video mentions that this is just a project that they have done and they can make modifications as per the needs of the customer as well. No changes have been made to the engine on this Gypsy.

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