Modified Maruti Jimny with massive 20 inch wheels goes off roading [Video]

Deliveries for the Maruti Jimny have already started, and some of them have even begun modifying it. One of the most common types of modification that many owners are opting for is aftermarket alloy wheels. People have already started installing massive wheels and tires to enhance the overall appearance of the SUV. The Maruti Jimny comes with 15-inch steel rims in the lower variant and 15-inch alloy wheels in the top-end variant. In the following video, you can see a Maruti Jimny that has been modified with 20-inch alloy wheels, taking on off-roading challenges. The video showcases how the SUV performs with these huge wheels.

The video has been uploaded by Modified Hub on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger, along with his friends, takes their SUV for off-roading. The video showcases a heavily modified Mahindra Bolero, which is equipped with a Scorpio engine. It is an off-road monster that can conquer any obstacle. The other vehicles featured in the video are a modified Mahindra Thar and a brand-new Maruti Jimny. The owner of the Jimny has modified the car, and it now features 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels.

The group was driving at a location where they usually test the off-road capabilities of their vehicles. It is a natural course, and not many modifications have been made to tailor it specifically for the SUVs. The Mahindra Bolero effortlessly tackles the obstacles without any issues. However, the Mahindra Thar gets stuck on one of the obstacles. The area is surrounded by several dunes, making it a perfect spot to test the wheel articulation of these SUVs. The Maruti Jimny was the last vehicle to approach the obstacles. Since the vlogger was not an experienced off-roader, he asked his friend to drive the car while he recorded the video.

Modified Maruti Jimny with massive 20 inch wheels goes off roading [Video]
Jimny goes off-roading

The Jimny smoothly descends a drop without any contact with the ground. All the body panels remain intact. The real challenge arises when the SUV starts climbing a small section. The wheels spin as they struggle to maintain traction. The large wheels on the Jimny prevent it from performing optimally. The rear wheels rub against the wheel arches and the cladding surrounding them. In a previous video, the vlogger mentioned that he had to modify the front bumper to prevent the tires from rubbing against it.

Despite the tires rubbing against the wheel arches and body panels, the Jimny manages to conquer all the obstacles. The installation of larger wheels improves the approach and departure angles of the SUV; however, this alone does not guarantee excellent off-road performance. The wheel articulation of the Jimny is affected by the massive wheels. The SUV’s wheel arches are designed with 15-inch wheels in mind. If you truly desire to install significantly larger wheels on the car, it is advisable to consider lift kits. This would enhance the off-road capabilities of the vehicle.

Making such modifications will also have other effects on the car. The on-road performance and handling of the vehicle will differ from stock. Additionally, this would void the company warranty. Installing massive aftermarket alloy wheels and tires increases the weight of the car, which, in the long run, affects the stock suspension setup and drivetrain.