Modified Maruti Omni, straight out of a gangster movie

There is no doubt in the fact that Maruti Suzuki has maintained a strong lead in the Indian market for years and it is the most recognisable names in the industry. They’ve been successful in the mass segment cars market by a huge margin compared to its competitors. One such car that was hard to replace in this market of popularity is Omni. Omni was discontinued by Maruti last year from production after a whopping 35 years! Undoubtedly one of the top-selling car in its segment, Omni has left a mark which will be hard to replace. There is a car enthusiast who went ahead to even modify the Omni to make it look and feel more to their own needs and style. Read ahead to find out about this modified Omni which looks completely badass.

This Maruti Suzuki Omni was modified by Carbon Automotive for Jassim bin Abdul Rashid. We did try our best to get in touch with the modifier and the owner, however, we didn’t get any response, hence we shall list down all the available details here for you.

The exterior body of the car has undergone no significant changes. The paint job does make it look extremely futuristic in design though. The shape of the car has been maintained as it is in the original Omni, however, the front end with the aftermarket bumpers makes all the difference. The headlamps that go with the bumper are custom made for the owner. They have even gone ahead by giving it projector lamps that glow red, giving it a devilish look on the road.

On either side of the car, we can see brand new skid plates and obviously the unmistakable aftermarket alloy wheels. The ground clearance has been reduced by quite a lot which adds to the sporty look of the car. The roof gets a covered black coloured luggage carrier which can come handy on long road trips since the boot of the Omni is not spacious enough to fit a lot of luggage. Coming towards the rear of the car, we can see the same customized bumpers as in the front with four exhaust pipes popping out.

We are still unsure about whether or not all four exhaust pipes work, however, the car does make loud exhaust note. The complete exterior gets a black paint job and black tint on the windows. Looking at the interior of the car, a few minor changes have been made. Even though the changes are minor, they add a lot to the complete theme running through the design of the car.

There is three-row seating available, with pilot seats in the middle and a bench seat at the back. All the seats are covered in red leather seat covers. The dashboard and the instrument cluster remain almost the same. It is also possible that more work is pending on this car. It is also not known whether the engine has been changed or not, however, it does make noises as if there’s a bigger petrol engine and an aftermarket exhaust system installed for better performance.