Modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a head turner

Not everyone likes the design of the Maruti Suzuki Ignis but some people love it. It has a very funky design that can be modified extensively. Here we have another Ignis that has been modified in a unique Candy Purple Wrap. The car belongs to an Instagram user karann_765 and the modification job has been done by JS Wraps.

The pictures has been uploaded by JS Wraps while the video belongs to the owner of the Ignis. The shop has done a commendable job of making the Ignis unique. The modifications are not only cosmetic. They have also done some mechanical upgrades to the car.

A unique two-tone effect has been given to the Ignis. Some of the body panels are finished in black while others are wrapped in Candy Purple. The hood and front fender are wrapped in carbon fibre. The lip of the front spoiler has been wrapped in gloss black which really goes with the black paint colour of the fog lamp housings.

The Ignis has also undergone chrome delete. So, all the chrome elements such as the front Maruti Suzuki badge, door handles and the rear Maruti Suzuki badge has been finished in piano black. The plastic cladding over the front and rear wheel arch, outside rearview mirrors and the side skirts, have been finished in black.

The chrome belt that runs alongside the window line has also been now finished in black. This gives a very stealthy look to this Ignis. The rear spoiler, the upper half of the tailgate and the big plastic insert in the bumper are also finished in black. The roof of the vehicle is also painted black. Overall, the Ignis does look very good and stealthy because of the cosmetic modifications. A special mention goes to the way the front LED Daytime Running Lamps to look with the stealthy black paint.

You can also see that the Ignis is running on some aftermarket alloy wheels. These 6-spoke alloy wheels are sourced from Rays Wheels and they measure 15-inches in size. It also gets different tyres which are S-Drive bought from Yokohama tyres.

The Ignis in the pictures is running on lower springs sourced from Espelir Spring. This should reduce the ride height of the hatchback but improve handling drastically. The stock air filter has been replaced with HPI Air Filter. This should help the engine in breathing better. This should lead to better combustion and better throttle response. The last modification is a full-system SS exhaust setup which replaces the stock exhaust.

The overall cost of the modification is not written on the posts. However, wrapping a vehicle starts at Rs. 30,000 and can costs lacks rupees depending on the quality of wrap the owner chooses. The same case is with the alloy wheels. You would find some very cheap alloy wheels and you can find some very expensive ones too. The modification of a vehicle depends on the budget of the owner. One should also remember that modifying the vehicle in India is illegal.