Modified Maruti Suzuki Omni is a road hugging monster

The Maruti Suzuki Omni remains one of the most versatile cars in the Indian market. Even after Omni’s production came to an end last year, there is no doubt that the vehicle remains etched in the memories of many. Many have even started creating some badass looking versions of the Omni and after we showed you the Gangster Omni sometime ago, here is another example of an enthusiast changing the whole look of the humble-looking MPV that was famous and infamous for a lot of reasons.

The car belongs to Nikhil Kumar from Kerala and the Omni has been modified under the Project Stance Van. This is a fully loaded Omni that seems to be modified only cosmetically to make it look very different from the stock version. While the exact details are not known, we have carefully watched the pictures to gather the changes. If you observe any other changes, feel free to comment and let us know.

The first thing that you notice in this Omni is an aftermarket customised body kit that adds a bulk look to the van. With the body kit, it gets flared wheel arches that now cover the oversized wheels completely. At the front, the main changes are a new bumper with a splitter that is quite close to the ground. The bumper also gets red coloured foglamps. The headlamps have been updated too and now they throw a different shade of light. Not to miss the Mustang-inspired LED DRL and the projectors inside the headlamp housing. You will also notice the new ORVMs, which are definitely sleeker than before and match the overall look of the van.

The sides get deep dish alloy wheels with skirting that adds the low stance to the vehicle. The alloys are negative off-set to add a low stance. Also, it gets scissor doors replacing the stock sliding doors. Now that’s a first on an Omni. The Omni also gets customised LED lamps.  The rear bumper has also been updated. To make the car look exquisite, custom paint has been sprayed all over the body of this Omni and it looks quite interesting. The shade looks black from a distance but on a closer look, it reveals a deep green shade.

Apart from the cosmetic changes, this Omni also gets a customised exhaust and pipes. The pipes now come out of the side of the vehicle and make the vehicle look sportier. There are quite a few changes on the inside too. To start with, the cabin now gets an all-black theme while the dashboard seems to be tweaked to add a sportier feel. The AC controls and other buttons have been replaced too.

Is it legal?

It should be noted that such projects are definitely fun to look at but they are not road legal. Changing the colour of the vehicle and adding a customised exhaust is a sure-shot call for seizure of the vehicle. Kerala MVD is one of the strictest authorities in India and they have seized many such vehicles in the past. However, modifying vehicles like this is not illegal. Yes, you can do that but not ply them on the public roads.