Modified Maruti Suzuki S-Presso with a new paint job & aftermarket wheels: Check it out

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso entered the Indian market earlier this year and it has already become quite popular in the market. The all-new Maruti Suzuki S-Presso has entered the top-ten positions when it comes to the car sales in India. Maruti Suzuki launched the S-Presso aimed at the youngsters who do not want to spend too much on the vehicles but want an SUV-inspired look. Well, since there are a lot of S-Presso sold in the market till now, people have started getting it customised too. Here is a modification job by the renowned Kit Up! who has modified the S-Presso from all around to make it look much different from the stock version!

S Presso 5

This Maruti Suzuki S-Presso finished in the Solid Fire Red colour is something that you would not get to see every day. From the factory, Maruti Suzuki only offers black bumpers in the S-Presso. Also, the maximum wheel size available with the top-end variant of the S-Presso is 14-inch. Well, this modification job has added larger alloy wheels and there are a few more changes around in the vehicle that makes it look absolutely smashing on the roads.

S Presso 4

The first thing that will catch your eyes in this modification job is the front-end of the vehicle. It gets the same stock grille but the colour of the grille has now been changed to silver. It also now gets mesh net in the hollow spaces in between. The bumper now gets the same body colour and the air dams have been given the red mesh treatment that makes the vehicle look much different from the stock. Also, a new skid plate has been added in the front bumper, which sure makes the vehicle look intimidating.

S Presso 3

Other changes include additional panels on the side to protect the skid boards. The doors also get thick silver panels running through the width of the vehicle. At the rear, the tail lamps of the modified Maruti Suzuki S-Presso get silver wraparounds and there is a thick plastic strip that connects both the tail lamps and makes the vehicle look extremely good. The rear bumper also gets the similar body paint finish with an additional skid plate mounted down below. The roof-mounted spoiler of the S-Presso also gets a silver-dipped finish that makes it match with the whole theme of the vehicle.

S Presso 2

The most interesting part of this modification job is the aftermarket alloy wheels. The five-spoke 15-inches alloy wheels with low profile tyres do look good on the S-Presso. It also increases the overall ground clearance of the S-Presso by a few millimetres.