Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback looks beautiful

Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most loved hatchbacks in the country. It has been in the market since 2005 and has changed in terms of looks and features. What has not changed however, is its popularity among buyers of all age group. Ever since its launch it was a car that was opted by many for modifications. Over these years we have seen several examples of tastefully modified Maruti Swifts in the country. We currently have the third generation Swift in the market that was launched in the market in 2018. It will soon receive a facelift, meanwhile here we have a video of Maruti Swift that has been beautifully modified.

The video has been uploaded by Vinay Kapoor on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing how the car looked when it had arrived at the garage. It is a new vehicle that has done around 1,000 kms on the odometer. Vlogger then shows how the car looked after all the work was done. He takes us through all the changes that are done to the car.

Starting with the front, the front grille gets vinyl work which gives it a gloss black finish. A red strip can also be seen running across the grille. The Suzuki logo has also been blacked out. Coming down to the lower part of the bumper, there is a splitter installed at the front which is manufactured inhouse by vlogger’s company. No changes have been made to the headlight of the hatchback. Moving to the side profile, the car is partially wrapped with Avery Dennison wrap which gives it a sporty look. The vlogger also mentions that, they have used radium strips at places which will glow when dark.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback looks beautiful

Other than that, the other change seen here is the new set of multi-spoke alloy wheels. The alloys wheels are blacked out and they get a red outline on it too. A side skirt has also been installed on the car to give it a sporty look. Moving to the rear, the stock tail lamps are wrapped with black coloured wrap and so does the loading lip on the boot.

A huge spoiler is installed on the roof and the diffuser at the rear bumper which goes well with the overall look of the car. On the inside, vlogger has completely changed the upholstery. He has made the seats a lot more comfortable for long drives. As this is the base variant, it does not get touchscreen infotainment screen. The stock stereo system has been replaced with an aftermarket Android touchscreen infotainment unit. Other than that no major modifications are done to the car.

Coming to the pricing part, the wrap done on the Swift costs Rs 8,000, alloy wheels cost around Rs 24,000, The predator kit installed on the car costs Rs 10,000, spoiler costs around Rs 7,500, Android touchscreen infotainment system costs Rs 15,000 and the seat covers cost Rs 6,500. The prices mentioned above are excluding labour charges. Maruti Swift is currently available with a petrol engine only. It comes with manual and AMT gearbox options.