This modified Maruti Suzuki Zen producing over 130 Bhp is a pocket rocket

Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest car manufacturer and they currently have a variety of models in the market. One of the models that Maruti used to sell in the market was Zen. It was a small and peppy 5-door family hatchback that was launched back in 1993. Zen attracted buyers for its jelly bean design. It looked a lot more modern when compared with cars like Maruti 800 in the market back then. Over the years, Maruti made several changes to the car even launched a tall boy version of the same. Even today, there is a demand for the first gen Maruti Suzuki Zen hatchback and we have seen several well kept examples across the country. Many have even bought it and upgraded the vehicles mechanically for better performance. Here we have a modified Zen that produces around 130 Bhp.

The video has been uploaded by Revokid Vlogs on his YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger talking about why he chose this Zen and not the Carbon and Steel. The reason was that, this modified Zen is probably the quickest in Kerala. The car belongs to his friend and has been modified by Race Concepts. Race Concepts is a very well known name among car enthusiasts.

Maruti Suzuki Zen petrol was powered by a 993 cc engine. The one seen here in the video is a 2002 model Zen. The owner of this Zen wanted it to be different from the regular modified Zens in the country. The main modification on this Zen was the engine itself. The 993 cc engine on this Zen was swapped with a 1.6 litre G16B engine. This is the engine that was seen in older Maruti Baleno sedan. Race concepts have made changes to this engine to improve the performance. It gets Stage 3 header upgrade, upsized throttle body, side exit exhaust system, BMW air intake,  lightweight fly wheel, upgraded oil pump, upsized fuel pump, Exedy clutch upgrade and many more. No changes have been made to G 16B ECU. After all these modifications, the car generates over 130 Bhp.

This modified Maruti Suzuki Zen producing over 130 Bhp is a pocket rocket

In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the original metal bonnet on this Zen was replaced with a custom build unit made from light weight fibre composite material. The hood is locked using two hood latches. On the outside, the car retains the original bumper, headlamps and grille. It is finished in Maroon and black dual tone shade which looks good.

Coming to the side profile, the car now sits on 14 inch wide aftermarket alloy wheels tyres. The fenders have been slightly customised to accommodate the wide tyres. The car now sits a lot lower than the stock version and that is because, it now uses adjustable coilovers from Race Concepts. The brakes on this Zen have also been upgraded. As part of weight reduction, the rear seats have been removed and the AC on this Zen has also been removed. The dashboard remains the same as stock but, it now gets a custom steering wheel, a tachometer and oil temperature meter on the dash.

The vlogger along with its owner even go out for a spin and the vlogger was blown away by the performance. The car could easily touch the indicated 160 kmph mark on the speedometer. The owner has spent over 9 lakhs on this Maruti Zen for modifications. The car looks very neat and we think it is probably one of the quickest Maruti Zen in the country.