This modified Maruti Swift hatchback gets seats with massage function [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the country. It was one of the hatchbacks that had started the trend of vehicle modification in the country. We have seen a number of examples of modified Swifts in the country in the past and we have featured many on our website as well. We currently have the third generation Swift in the country. Ever since it’s launch in 2005 Maruti Swift’s popularity has only increased. Here we have the video of modified Swift that gets a very unique modification. What is it? Well, this Swift gets a seat with massage function in it.

The video has been uploaded by Rahul Singh on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing the car from the outside. It looks very basic from the outside with no major modifications or additions to be seen. The change however is to be seen on the interior of the car. The Interiors of the car get a complete revamp that give it a fresh look on the inside.

The interior of the car now gets a dual tone finish of brown and black. The door pads gets tan colour inserts with faux wooden panels that makes it look upmarket. The bottom of the front doors also get a sill guard that get LED in it. The car also gets 7D floor mats. The major update however is the seats that are installed in this swift. The seats are custom made as per customer request and gets extra cushioning for added comfort. Other addition made to this Swift to make the long drives more enjoyable is the massage function. This is a feature that we have normally seen on high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi.

This modified Maruti Swift hatchback gets seats with massage function [Video]

The vendor who had installed this feature in the car also says that this feature can be customised to fit in to any small or big car that one has. depending upon the budget of the customer,the massage function can be installed on one or all the seats in the car. The whole cabin of the car gets tan colour interiors with faux wooden inserts around the gearboot area. The audio system of the car has also been updated. According to the video, total cost of doing this modification approximately Rs 40,000. The fit and finish of the work done looks pretty neat and the interior of the car looks good.