5 impressively modified Maruti WagonRs from India

Modified Maruti WagonRs from India: 5 good-looking examples

Maruti WagonR is a veteran on Indian roads. The car has been around for literally forever now. Even though the “tall boy” hatchback is the first choice of many first-time car buyers in India, there are many enthusiast-modified versions of the same. We bring you five modified such WagonRs from India.

Red Devil


The simple looking WagonR has been modified with some interesting additions. The car loses its stock grille and gets an all-new black grille. The headlamps have been worked upon too and it now gets projector headlights with LED DRLs.

The blood-red colored WagonR also gets body kit with a front bumper lip. The new bumper also gets new projector fog lamps. The modified WagonR gets wider profile tyre and new spoke alloy wheels.

White bride


The “blue-eyed” WagonR is in one of the most selling body colors in India and yet, it will turn a large number of heads turn. The WagonR seen here gets a number of changes like a new lower bumper, a new mesh grille at the front. The headlamps have been updated too and it gets blue angel eyes with LED DRLs.

The hatchback also gets very catchy red colored alloy wheels that make for a contrasting view. The WagonR is also adorned with a blue splitter at front. The whole set-up looks quite trendy.

Rough Road-friendly


WagonR has always been a smooth sailor on the tarmac. On rough roads, the car did struggle a bit. This car from Delhi has worked around the problem to make an off-road friendly WagonR. The car gets a new number and new grille. The headlamps have been upgraded to full-LED set-up too.The body of the WagonR also gets slight changes. The wheel arches have been flared to give it a SUV-ish look.



From the “Land of mods”, the WagonR seen here gets very sporty outlook. To start with, the WagonR gets a huge mesh grille up front. To give it a sportier outlook, the modder has also added a “Type R” badge, which really does not belong to the Suzuki.

The WagonR also gets a front splitter and deep dish alloy wheels. To make it look bold, there are embossed bold letters mentioning the Suzuki name on the bonnet too.

M Power


OK, we know that M Power and Suzuki are not related in any way. What they have in common is set of four wheels and maybe enthusiastic owners. Here is a Maruti WagonR with reworked face with new mesh grille. The grille also gets iconic “M Power” badge, that truly belongs to a BMW vehicle. There is also a splitter and LED DRLs pasted just below the headlamps of the vehicle.



The Wagonr Stingray is the sportier version of the WagonR. It is on the list as an honorary mention to the Stingray. People have modified it even further to gain more eyeballs. Seen here is Stingray with an aftermarket bumper. The car also gets red and blue stripes to make it more catchy.

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