Modified old-gen Maruti Swift with Nardo grey paint job looks stunning

Maruti Suzuki Swift has been one of those hatchbacks that has been present in the market for around 15 years and the popularity doesn’t seem to come down even a bit. Over these years, Swift has changed a lot in terms of design and the features that it offers. It was and is still a very popular hatchback among those who like modifying cars. There are several modification videos and images that we have seen in the past. We have featured many on our website too. Here we have a first gen Maruti Swift that has been modified inside out and gets Audi-like Nardo grey paint job.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. They have done several restoration and modification videos of cars and two wheelers in the past. This Maruti Swift is one of their recent project. The video starts by showing the condition of the car when it arrived at the workshop. The silver colour Maruti Swift was well maintained and only had couple of dents on it. The bumpers had scratches and were hanging.

Once the car was brought in the garage, they take down the bumpers and mark all the small and big dents on the body. The paint is then removed from all these spots and using a dent puller, the dents are corrected. Once the dents are corrected, these areas are applied with a layer of body filler and putty. The excess putty is sanded and if there are uneven surfaces, another layer of putty is applied to get an even look.

Modified old-gen Maruti Swift with Nardo grey paint job looks stunning

If the putty work is not done evenly, it would not give the car a neat look when it gets painted. Once the putty work is completed. The car was taken to the paint booth and here all the panels were separated. Stock colour on this Swift was silver and the owner now wanted Nardo Grey colour on it. To give it a factory finish, these panels are taken down. Doors, boot, bonnet, door handles, bumper everything is painted separately. The roof on this Swift gets a gloss black paint job and all the other components get Nardo Grey. The paint looks extremely good on the car.

Once the exterior was painted, they move to the interiors. The interiors had started showing age and the owner was looking for a different look. They did not change the layout of the cabin. All they did was give the cabin an all-black theme. The dashboard and all the plastic panels were stripped and painted in black. The black theme of the cabin was broken by orange accents at places like AC vents and door panels. The old seat covers were taken out and replaced with new black covers with orange accents. The orange accents give the cabin a sporty look on the inside. The car does not get alloy wheels. The stock silver wheel caps on the Swift were painted in black and the headlamps and tail lamps also get a black film on them. Overall, the car looks brand new and the work done on this Swift is pretty neat.