This modified old-gen Toyota Corolla looks total BADASS

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the world till date. All generations combined, this plain-looking sedan has more units sold than any other car in the world. In India too, the Corolla has been a strong seller in its segment since a long time and rivals the likes of the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and the Skoda Octavia. Now the reason why we are talking about the Corolla today is this old-generation model which has been modified pretty nicely by its owner. It is a 2007 model Toyota Corolla and despite that, the car looks pretty badass.

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One of the first things to grab eyeballs in this car is its metallic grey wrap job which bounces off light in an interesting way. Owned by Devesh Razdan, this Toyota Corolla has beaten the test of time and still is in a pretty good condition. In fact, the Corolla series cars have always been known for their tank-like built quality and bulletproof reliability which are among the major reasons behind the success of the car. While the Corolla is a common sight on the roads, what is not that common is a modified example of the same, especially an older-gen modified model.

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But this one shows us how a few tasteful changes can make the car look great even if it is a pretty old model. Talking about the modifications done on this car, the front end sports blacked-out headlights as black grille which goes with the overall look of the car. The headlamps themselves have been upgraded and now sport a quad projector setup.

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Like the headlights, the tail-lights have been blacked out too. A small boot lid spoiler can also be seen on the car. The twin exhaust tips seen here are not just for aesthetics but the owner has replaced the stock exhaust with a custom exhaust and new end cans. The suspension setup has also been upgraded and now the car is fitted with Megan racing lowering springs. Another major highlight is those gorgeous wheels that immediately grab attention. The multispoke rims on this Corolla are 17*8.5J GTR Emotion-R units and are shod on with Accelera tyres (215/45R17).

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On the inside, the car has been fitted with SQL audio setup to boost the in-car entertainment by quite an extent. All in all, this 2007 model Toyota Corolla looks like a total badass and is a shining example of how even old cars can be made to look great without over the top modifications.

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Talking about the Corolla sedan, the latest generation model of the popular sedan is not expected to be brought on our shores according to several reports. However, that is not confirmed by Toyota and the coming months will reveal the future plans of Toyota regarding the Corolla in India.

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