Modified Open Jeeps of India


Snapshot – A hard top is an aberration, or so say many jeepers, for whom wind-in-the-hair motoring is everything what a jeep stands for. In certain parts of the country up north, a modified jeep is a man thing that gets people to stop and stare. It’s cheap to build and almost everything about it can be customized. In a sense, creativity runs riot on the modified open jeeps of India. Today, we bring you ten such examples.

Tractor tyres are in…

Ninda Motor Garage's Jeep Custom 2

Ninda Motor Garage of Mandi Dabwali will happily plonk meaty tractor tyres, massive alloy wheels and give you a choice of multiple turbo diesel engines and even transmissions. For less than 5 lakh rupees, you can have something that everyone will stop and stare.

[Images courtesy PunjabiChowk]

And so are tractor style exhausts…

Willy's Open Jeep

Considering that diesel powered modified jeeps with tractor tyres can actually be used to plough fields, tractor style exhausts seem to be the logical addition on such heavily modified steeds.

[Image courtesy Cars.Cozot]

Some like low riders,

Low Rider Jeep

Even if the jeep (which derives from G.P or General Purpose) was always meant to be a go anywhere machine whose form dictated function, low riding jeeps are in. These boulevard cruisers, which will never see anything else than well surfaced pavement, are quite in vogue.

Low Rider Jeep 2

Here’s one more lowrider with enough embellishments up front to keep the onlooker very busy. A fire extinguisher, a badge indicating an army connection, and even the owner’s phone number is on display at front. Meaty tyres on alloy wheels and various other accessories round off this open topper’s looks.

[Image courtesy Open Modified Jeeps]

But some like to keep it classy…by Dabwali standards that is

White Open Top Jeep 3

While this jeep has a busy front end and meaty tyres that may be overkill for boulevard cruising, the rest of the vehicle is kept clean. In under an hour this jeep can step in and out of the garage, and be ready to kick some muck off the road.

White Open Top Jeep 1 White Open Top Jeep 2

Images courtesy Open Modified Jeeps

Dabwali Jeep 1

Here’s another Dabwali creation that is over the top, but that’s limited to the alloy wheels and the meaty tyres. The rest of the jeep is kept minimally modified with only a few embellishments.

Dabwali Jeep 2

Images courtesy Dabwali

Jeep Clinic’s Off Roader

Jeep Clinic Mahindra MM540 2

Jeep Clinic hs put together this heavily modified Mahinda MM540 that looks rugged right from the word go. Built to go off roading, this MM540 is one of the few open toppers with a roll cage that exists to protect its occupants than just serve as a macho embellishment.

Jeep Clinic Mahindra MM540 1

[Images courtesy JeepClinic on Facebook]

Extra modified jeep…

Extra modified Jeep 2

Attention seeking is what this jeep is all about. Loud, brash, over embellished and literally a billboard for the owner, jeeps such as these are dime a dozen in the Punjab and its surroundings.

Extra modified Jeep 3 Extra modified Jeep 1

Here are a couple more jeeps that have gone to the dark side of the world.

Extra modified Jeep 4 Extra modified Jeep 5

Jeep Military

And finally, we have the Jeep in its originally colour, but with a few bits to make it a boulevard cruiser. The fatter tyres and alloy wheels are the few concessions.

Jeep Military