This modified open top Jeep with fat tyres looks crazy [Video]

A modified Jeep is a very common thing around the world. Here in India, we follow a similar trend and we have seen many such examples of tastefully modified Jeeps in the past. Mahindra Thar is the commonly used vehicle for such purposes but there are enthusiasts who go for older Mahindra Jeeps too. Here we have a video that shows an extensively modified Jeep with fat tyres that looks crazy.

The video has been uploaded by Khoo wale on their youtube channel. The video simply explains all the modification that were done to the vehicle and also mentions the approximate cost doing this modification. The first modification that anyone would notice on this Jeep are definitely the fat 17 inch tyre that is wrapped around custom made rims. It is an open top Jeep and because of the fat tyres the overall look of the car looks like a low rider.

At the front, the grille has been modified. It now gets a projector type head lamp set up along with a new front bumper. The Jeep gets a matte Olive Green paint job which is commonly seen in many modified Jeeps these days. Side profile of the Jeep reveals that the doors have also been remove and there is a custom made footstep and revised side wheel arch for accommodating the bigger tyres.

This modified open top Jeep with fat tyres looks crazy [Video]

At the rear, this Jeep gets spare rim mounted on the boot and the interiors have been replaced with more comfortable seats. rear portion of the Jeep is dedicated for woofers and the amplifier is placed under the co-passenger seat. The Jeep now gets features like a power steering, power break and power clutch. The main update on this modified Jeep is however the engine itself.

In the past we have seen Jeeps getting Isuzu Trooper engines but here, it is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine from Toyota. The exhaust does not go all the way to the rear it has been cut and is redirected to left side of the Jeep to an pipe that looks like a tractor exhaust.The approximate cost of completing this project according to video is somewhere around Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh. The work done on this jeep looks neat and is an example of good looking modified Jeep in the country.