Modified Royal Enfield 500 'GODZILLA' motorcycle actually looks like a Godzilla

Modified Royal Enfield 500 ‘GODZILLA’ motorcycle actually looks like a Godzilla

The skilled folks at the Delhi-based Neel Motorcycles have come up with a really tastefully modified Royal Enfield 500 motorcycle. Dubbed as the ‘GODZILLA’, this motorcycle has been given a neo-retro cruiser bike format. Of course, it looks really very cool with its low-slung stance and all those sharply-styled panels.

modified royal enfield 500 godzilla images

The front-end of the motorcycle gets a 110/90-spec tire, a custom LED headlamp, and a huge bikini fairing. You also get custom fork girders and a re-positioned registration plate. Once astride, you’ll be quick to take note of the wide, flat handlebar, a custom speedometer, a custom fuel gauge placed behind the speedo, and the long, angular custom fuel tank. In the side profile, the motorcycle gets multi-spoke alloy wheels, a low-placed custom single seat arrangement, a stubby underbelly exhaust, custom side panels, carb cover, and the extended wheelbase of the motorcycle. Even the rake angle has been increased for the definite cruiser stance. All the parts have been hand-made and give this motorcycle a distinct identity. The chassis has been suitably modified to accommodate all the custom parts. The foot controls have been re-positioned for cruiser-like ergonomics.

modified royal enfield 500 godzilla images

The rear-end is characterized by a fat 240/60-section rear tire, a side-mount for the registration plate, a chrome-plated tire-hugger with custom detailing, and LED strips for the tail lights and turn indicators. The only performance modifications come in the form of a K&N conical performance air filter and a custom sports exhaust.

modified royal enfield 500 godzilla images

In its stock format, the 499cc engine outputs a maximum power of 27.2 bhp along with a peak torque of 41.3 Nm. The motor comes mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The engine benefits from a digital electronic ignition and a fuel injection system. The motor on this motorcycle, however, seems to be the carburetted version.

modified royal enfield 500 godzilla images

The cost of this modification isn’t known at the moment. However, the customizer says it takes three-four months to prepare one such motorcycle.

Images courtesy – Neel Motorcycles on Facebook


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