Modified Royal Enfields – Part XII

‘Too many custom Royal Enfields’? Well, there’s nothing like that. And even if there was, one can never get enough of the beautifully modified Royal Enfield bikes. Sure they aren’t the most reliable or the best options in the market, but they certainly have character, which more often than not, helps them stand apart. The custom ones take it all to a level ahead, and that’s why we can’t have enough of featuring them either. So, here are another five examples of modified Royal Enfields:

Brat-style Continental GT

The revival of the Conti was a milestone in itself. And while the bike is almost the best product RE sells at the moment, it’s not the most customised. So whenever we come across a custom Continental GT, it sure gets all the attention, like the one here. It looks like a stock bike but with a custom paintjob, added black paint, and the whole ‘Brat’ look. The slight modification does make it stand out, and if I were to personally get one, this would be on top of the list.

Mean Green Custom’s RE 500


It’s hard to make simple designs work, but it’s harder to get the details right. And as we all know the custom market is all about details. The Mean Green Custom’s RE 500 isn’t just well-detailed, it’s got a simple yet worthy of an appluase design. The use of graphics on the panels is something that not a lot of custom bike makers try, but these guys have done a good job there as well. If there’s anyone who appreciates RCM’s work, he/she is bound to like this one as well.

Lil Hot Rodder


Made to be showcased at the recent NEC Motorcycle Live in Birmingham, the Lil Hot Rodder is powered by a fuel-injected 500 cc engine, comes with custom paint, a single seat, aftermarket exhaust, whitewall tyres etc. It tries to offer the best of both worlds, and looks great while doing so.

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Custom RE Electra 4S


This one comes from Mizoram, is based on the erstwhile Electra (4-speed), gets a custom paintjob, fuel tank off a Yezdi, rims off Pulsar and CBZ, and handlegrips imported from Taiwan. Mechanically the bike is unchanged but the aesthetics have enough character to help the vehicle stand out.

RE Board Tracker


This one’s the most extreme build featured in this instalment of custom REs. The hardtail custom is as barebones as it can get. Most parts are custom made at Speed Metal Shot, and as far as character is concerned, it has lots. The rear wheel is worryingly thin, and like the REs of the past, it continues to use drum brakes.