Modified Tata Harrier with off-road tyres that cost Rs 3 lakh

The Tata Harrier has not only captivated many with its immense road presence but also garnered praise for its driving dynamics. Rooted in a Land Rover-derived platform, the Harrier boasts remarkable solidity and stability on lengthy journeys, establishing itself as an absolute mile-devourer. Although the Harrier lacks a four-wheel drive system for the sheer thrill of off-roading, it exhibits a decent ruggedness, effortlessly tackling rough terrains. Recently, we stumbled upon a customized Tata Harrier, tailored with modifications to its tires, wheels, and suspension, elevating its inherent ruggedness.

A YouTube video by “Mihir Galat” showcases a customized Tata Harrier from New Delhi, transformed by its owner to exude a more rugged and off-road-oriented appeal. This specific model featured in the video is the pre-facelift top-tier diesel-automatic Tata Harrier XZA+ variant. Laden with top-notch features such as a powered driver’s seat, panoramic sunroof, and wireless charger, it lacks a four-wheel drive system. Nevertheless, the owner has instigated modifications, enhancing its off-road capabilities beyond the standard version.

The most prominent change in this customized Tata Harrier is the fitment of off-road 17-inch tires, characterized by larger tread blocks for improved grip. The owner also replaced the stock 17-inch machined alloy wheels with aftermarket 17-inch bronze alloy wheels. Although the owner claims these bronze alloys and off-road tires are from the Jeep Wrangler, the veracity of this claim seems a tad exaggerated. However, these aftermarket wheels and tires significantly augment the road presence of the Tata Harrier.

Modified Tata Harrier with off-road tyres that cost Rs 3 lakh

Additionally, the owner asserts adjustments to the SUV’s suspension, purportedly enhancing its capability to negotiate uneven roads. He mentions having invested over Rs 2.80 lakh in aftermarket alloy wheels, tires, and suspension modifications. Furthermore, a sturdier front bumper protection panel has been installed, replacing aftermarket bull bars, which are now deemed illegal for passenger vehicles, offering both improved aesthetics and safety, as per the owner’s perspective.

In the video, the presenter embarks on a test drive of the modified Tata Harrier, noting that the mechanical alterations have affected its handling and turning radius, causing a noticeable change. Beyond these modifications, the Harrier owner has made additional adjustments, including the installation of illegal aftermarket customizable sirens and black tint on the window panels.