Modified Tata Safari SUVs of India: From macho to classy!

Modified Tata Safari SUVs of India: From macho to classy!

Tata Safari is a legendary vehicle that has a cult following. Tata Safaris can be seen almost everywhere along the length and breadth of the country. There are many modified examples of this SUV in India. We bring you the ten best ones.


Moon Rover

This modification job shows the union between Tata Motors and the JLR. Done by Big Daddy Customs in Delhi, the Safari has been completely transformed to an Evoque-ish looking SUV. The Safari gets a new bumper, grille and a new paint job imitating the Range Rover Evoque.

The car also gets a body kit that adds extra creases and makes it look much more muscular than it is. The Moonrover name is also plastered on the bonnet of the vehicle similar to what we see in the Land Rover vehicles.


Tata Safari Storme Motormind 2

The simple looking white Safari has been transformed by Motormind. The SUV gets a widebody kit with a new grille and new bumper. The wheel arches are more defined now, which make the vehicle look more brutish. The white and simple Safari looks extremely attractive with the mod job.


kit up tata safari

KitUp! is known for many of its kits in various cars and just like all other mod jobs, this Safari body kit is completely different. The car gets a new mesh grille and a new bumper, again with a mesh grille. The bonnet has been updated with a faux air vent to add to the muscularity. The car gets aftermarket alloy wheels and side-step.

Bright and yellow

Motormind Tata Safari Storme

This is another mod job done by Motormind. The car gets bright yellow matte finish paint job that gives it a unique look. The striking colour makes it stand out in traffic.

The car also gets a body kit that adds a new aggressive bumper, a new bonnet with deeper creases, auxiliary lights on the roof and a new bumper at the rear. All the chrome elements have been blacked out to give it a sportier look.



This is another example done by Big Daddy Customs. This version of the Safari is much more subtle than the Moonrover. The car gets a new grille, a new headlamp cluster and an upgraded bumper. The alloy wheels are now aftermarket. The bonnet gets a new brand that announces the name Tusker. Also, the overall body has been painted in a new gold shade.

Expedition ready


Tata showcases its own mod jobs at various Auto Exbihitions across India. This one is one from Tata’s own mod jobs. The Storme Explorer gets rugged additions that make it look even more aggressive and tough. The SUV also gets a bull bar at the front to protect it during heavy off-roading. The body gets graphics, a roof rack and a new bumper at the rear.

Red Rescue

Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue Concept 1

This is another factory customised Safari showcased at one of the expos. The car is called Mountain Rescue and has been made for use in emergency situations. The SUV gets bigger, mud terrain tyres. There is also a snorkel to help the vehicle go deep in water. Other changes include a new off-road bumper and auxiliary lamps mounted on the bumper and the roof. It also gets a closed luggage box on the roof.


Tata Safari Storme Off Road Custom 1

This Tata Safari gets many subtle yet working updates. The long list of updates starts from the matte yellow wrap, all-black cladding/bumpers, a bug deflector, new off-road spec tyres, auxiliary lamps on the roof and a bug and stone deflector. The car also gets a new front bumper with integrated LED DRLs. At the back, the car gets a new, exposed tow hook.

Tata Safari Storme Off Road Custom 2



The Storme from Northern India gets a brutal look. It looks like that the owner has modified the vehicle for pure off-roading. The vehicle gets a new set-up of mud terrain tyres. There is a snorkel that can take the vehicle into the deep water. Also, the vehicle gets a new skid plate at front. The bumper has been upgraded to off-road spec bumpers too. The car also gets auxiliary lamps on the rooftop.



The blue wrapped Tata Safari looks extremely good and different from the rest. The matte blue finish on the Safari gives it a new identity. The car also gets aftermarket black alloy wheels that add good overall contrast to the vehicle.


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