Modified Tata Safaris from across the country

The Tata Safari is an iconic product from Tata Motors. It was the first real SUV that was introduced by the company and was also the first true SUV that India got. Since the vehicle has a huge fan following, there are a lot modified examples in the country. Here are 5 such vehicles:


safari 3

Motormind has come up with many body kits for various cars, the Safari being one of them. This Safari has been finished in a matte yellow shade, which makes it stand out quite a bit. That’s the most striking change on the car.

Other changes include a body kit, comprising of a new bumper up front (more aggressive), a new bonnet with added muscle, new auxiliary lights on the roof, a new rear bumper and all the chrome elements have been blacked out which gives it a nice look.

Pick up

safari 1

While the pick up market has just started gaining traction with the arrival of the new V Cross, RK Car works came out with this pick up styled version of the Safari which looks interesting. Not only has the body style been changed, but the looks have been enhanced as well. The headlamp cluster now has a chrome casing and the headlamp itself has been given an update. The bonnet, grill and the bumper are now different and there is also a bull guard which has been installed. This one also gets auxiliary lights which have been mounted into the bonnet, unlike the bumper in most cases.

Big Daddy

safari 4

Big Daddy is the same company that came up with the Range Rover coversion for the Safari. They are back at it again, however this time producing a more docile version. Changes here are minimal but have been tastefully done. The grill, headlamp cluster and the bumper have been changed, same with the alloys. While we aren’t a fan of the branding on the car (the large name plate), we do like the new custom gold paint shade that the car has received.


safari 2

Tata has been showcasing hardcore and tough versions of the Safari for a while now. At the 2017 Autocar Performance Show, they had the Storme Explorer on display, which added some rugged touches to the butch SUV. So this rough and tough version gets the following updates.

safari 2a

To begin with, there is a nudge guard up front which will protect the vehicle in case of severe off-roading. The nudge guard houses a winch that is optional. The car gets decals on the side, a roof rack aad a new rear bumper. Nice way to make the Safari look more rough and tough.

Play Strong

safari 5

Tata showcased the Play Strong version of the Safari at the Indonesian motor show a few years back. The version was given a minor make over to improve the off-road capability of the car. There is a winch that was added to the bumper, a new set of fog lamps and auxiliary lamps, new decals and skirting.

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