Modified Tata Sierra pick-up truck looks butch and brawny

It’s rare to spot India’s first-ever compact SUV – the Tata Sierra – on the road, much less a modified one. A  pick-up truck based on the Tata Sierra? We’ve never seen one, and you may not have too. Here is one such rare Tata Sierra pick-up truck modified by Nu Yard Customs that looks quite butch and brawny.

Tata Sierra Pick Up Truck 1

Changes on this vehicle include a body chop, which sees the rear losing the hardtop and seats to make way for a  loading bed. The front end retains the twin-seat layout but with a new single-cab design.

The exhausts now exit from behind the front single cab, in an American modified pick-up truck style while the vehicle now wears chunky mud terrain tyres that adds height and seat presence. Of course, it will make this Sierra better off the road.

Tata Sierra Pick Up Truck 4

What we didn’t like though are the oddly shaped wheel arches, which seem out of place on an otherwise clean design. Other changes on this modified Tata Sierra include revised front and rear bumpers with the front getting a massive nudge bar.

Tata Sierra Pick Up Truck 2

The front end also gets a total revamp, with new headlamp housings, revised grille, a massive hood scoop and a farm jack mounted atop the bonnet.

This Sierra gets a snorkel but we’re not sure if it’s functional. The roof gets a LED light bar while the left hand rear end of the pick-up truck hosts a jerry can finished in red. The jerry can adds a nice contrast to the overall matte grey paint scheme of the build. The stock Tata Sierra used to come with 2-litre, naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engine options with 68 Bhp and 90 Bhp outputs. The engine details on this particular build is not  known. The Sierra was also available in rear-wheel drive and fou-wheel drive variants.

Tata Sierra Pick Up Truck 3

Via 4X4India