Modified Tata Xenon Pick Up Trucks

Snapshot – The Tata Xenon pick up truck is one of the most customizable SUVs that Tata Motors sells. Also, most buyers of the Xenon 2.2 DICOR tend to be enthusiasts who go the extra mile to make their rides very personal. So, many Xenon DICOR pick up trucks sold in the country see more than a fair share of modifications. Today, we bring you 9 of them.

Tata Xenon Memo45_M 1

The Tata Xenon 4X4 looks butch straight from the factory. Adding a couple of fog lamps and a few spotting lamps on the roof really do their bit to make the pick up truck even more muscular, while keeping it classy. This is what Team-BHPian Memo45_M has done with the Xenon. A nudge at front and a bed liner at the rear round off the changes on this minimally modified yet tough looking pick up truck.

Tata Xenon Lounge 2

Images courtesy Steeroids

With a length of nearly 5.4 meters and the go anywhere ability of a 4X4 system, the Tata Xenon is an SUV that is apt for an expedition vehicle. We live in India though, the land of the jugaad. The Xenon in these pictures has been modified to be a lounge on wheels. The loading bay of the pick up truck now hows a couple of plush leather seats, an entertainment system, ambient lighting, and the works. The body gets modified in the process.

Tata Xenon Kit Up 1

Kit Up Automotive have put together a body kit for the Tata Xenon. The body kit is only the tip of the iceberg that gives this pick up truck a new look. The real deal is on the inside. The interiors of this Xenon have been customized with 60 speakers, 10 amplifiers and 8 woofers. This Xenon is a bass powerhouse that also features a custom cabin for the front seat passengers.


Via KitUp

Tata Xenon Custom by Torque Inc 1

[Images courtesy Team-BHP]

Torque Inc of Rajasthan has given this Tata Xenon pick up truck a makeover by adding a cabin on the luggage bay and by giving the interiors a complete once over. After the custom job, the Xenon ends up looking more like a Cadillac SUV than a vehicle built by Tata Motors.

Tata Xenon by West Coast Off Road Customs 1

This Tata Xenon from West Coast Offroad Customs is all about looking mean. The SUV gets a massive metal bull bar integrated into a steel bumper up front. A matt wrap adds some more heft to the design while a snorkel, auxiliary lights and meaty steel wheels round off the off road ready looks of this custom pick up truck.

Tata Xenon by West Coast Off Road Customs 2

[Images courtesy Ytimg]

Tata Xenon Mild 2

The modifications on this Tata Xenon is very subtle and yet this subtlety has been used to stunning effect. The headlamps on the pick up truck are all new units, with a slight kink at the bottom, which adds all the character. The glossy black paint job has been further accentuated by the black alloy wheels and the silver front bumper insert.

Modster's Tata Xenon Custom 4

Red glossy paint and matt black paint have been used to stunning effect on the Tata Xenon 2.2 DICOR pick up truck, done up by Modsters of Chennai. The Xenon Custom gets a matt black paint job, with the front grille, door handles and roof rails getting glossy red finished. Add a mean looking front bullbar, meatier tyres and new alloy wheels to this package and you have a mean looking Tata.


Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept 1

Tata Motors has conjured up the TuffTruck concept based on the Xenon sold in Australia. Given that the SUV sold in India is similar, a style job on these lines can make it to the Indian versions of the pick up truck as well. The changes on the TuffTruck concept are mostly cosmetic and on the vehicle’s exteriors.

Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept 3

Tata Xenon Custom 1

[Images courtesy ModsIndia007 on Facebook]

This is not a Xenon per se, but a Tata 207 with the front end of the Xenon and with enough modifications to make it dwarf almost every SUV on Indian streets. The Tata 207 sits higher, features a metal bull bar + bumper, chuky alloy wheels and tyres, a slew of lights and a snorkel.

Tata Xenon Custom 2