Modified Toyota Fortuner gets massive 26 inch alloy wheels worth Rs 2.5 lakh [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is an extremely popular SUV around the world. In the past we have come across several examples of neatly modified Fortuner SUVs. As this is a global SUV from Toyota, there are a variety of body kits and aftermarket accessories available for Fortuner. We have featured many conversion and modification projects on our website. Wheels play a crucial role in almost every modification project. Here we have a video of a 2018 model Toyota Fortuner that has been modified with 26 inch alloy wheels that cost around Rs 2.5 lakh.

The video has been uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445 on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger speaks to the owner of this 2018 model Toyota Fortuner 4×2. The SUV looks in stock condition except for th wheels. The owner of this SUV has installed police sirens,strobe lights in the SUV however, the main attraction here are the wheels only. In this video, the owner can be heard saying that his aim was to install a 28 inch wheel however, he could not find one and had to settle for 26 inch units. This is not the first SUV in the country to get an aftermarket alloy wheel this large.

Although these are huge-size wheels for Fortuner, they are sitting well within the fenders of the SUV. The wheel arch of this SUV had to be slightly modified to ensure that the new set of wheels sit properly. The owner does not mention if they had to install any spacers before installing the wheels. The black and silver dual-tone alloy wheels in flower pattern is something that we have seen in the past on many other SUVs. The front wheel arch got a bit of trimming to ensure that the new set of wheels do not rub against the fenders.

Modified Toyota Fortuner gets massive 26 inch alloy wheels worth Rs 2.5 lakh [Video]

The 26 inch alloy wheels on this Fortuner are wrapped with low-profile tyres. It looks like the 26 inch wheels are not from a particular brand but, the owner mentions that he had spent almost Rs 2.5 lakh for the wheels. He did not exchange the stock wheels on his Fortuner which we feel was a smart move. The problem with unbranded alloy wheels is that there is no surety about their strength. After installing a 26 incher on to the Fortuner, there are multiple things that will be wrong with the SUV.

Starting with the ride quality. A company does extensive research into the wheel size while launching a model in the market. The consider the ride comfort and fuel economy as some of the factors. By installing 26-inch alloy wheels, both these factors get affected. In most of the cases, handling of the SUV also gets affected after installing aftermarket wheels. Fuel economy of the SUV also comes down. The problem with such large wheels and low profile tyres is that they are mostly for show. These wheels are not meant for high speeds and the chances of breaking this wheels are pretty high if you hit a pothole on the road. We have actually had an incident in the past where the aftermarket wheels on a Fortuner broke while on the move and the SUV rolled over.

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