Modified Toyota Fortuners: 10 Crazy examples from India around the world!

Toyota Fortuner is one badass looking vehicle even in its stock form. It is the best selling vehicle in the segment in India and quite popular around the world too. Toyota Fortuner gets many modifications and body kit in the markets around the world. We bring you ten such modified examples.

Official TRD

Toyota’s official modification arm, the TRD or Toyota Racing Department has a few aggressive body kits available for the Fortuner. This TRD kit is from the UAE market and looks quite badass. The changes include a new front grille with TRD moniker on it. The owner has gone for the black kit that gives it a contrasting colour to the white body. The bumper has been updated and has been replaced with a more aggressive looking one.

NKS Design

NKS Design is based in Thailand and they are quite popular in the body kit circuit. This body kit transforms the Fortuner into Lexus. It gets the new-age Lexus hour-glass grille. There is also a new bumper with integrated LED lamps in the bumper. The body kit also adds quad exhaust and a new bumper in the rear. On the sides, the vehicle gets wide body kit too. To top it all, there is a large roof-mounted spoiler available with the kit.

Wide Body

Here is another example from Thailand that looks extreme. The grille of the vehicle has been replaced a Lexus-inspired grille. On the side, the Fortuner gets flared wheel arches that have been blacked out. There is front underbody spoiler mounted on a new bumper too. The aftermarket alloy wheels and the body graphics make the Fortuner a living monster.

In the face

Here is an example of modified Fortuner from India. The vehicle gets a huge mesh grille that has an hourglass shape similar to the ones on Lexus SUVs. Below the front grille, there is a new underbody spoiler that adds a sporty look to the vehicle. The simple bumper and grille change adds a lot of muscle to the vehicle and it looks very intimidating.


Toyota Fortuner gets a good ground clearance and has a huge space in the wheel-wells. Here’s an example of modified Fortuner that has been lifted by at least 6-inches. The all-black lifted Fortuner will look like a monster among the sea of vehicles for sure. The owner has not changed anything else in the SUV.

White devil

Here is another modified example of the modified Fortuner from India. The gets Lexus-inspired bumper and grille but there is no wide body kit on the vehicle. The owner has added a side-step in body colour that gives it a wide feeling. The temporary number suggests that it is a brand new vehicle. It looks quite attractive and eye-catchy on the roads.


This modified example has been done by Ironman, very famous modification house that prepare off-road spec vehicles. The Ironman kit on the Fortuner includes an off-road spec steel bumper that also has an integrated bull bar. There are auxiliary lamps mounted on the new bumper for better lighting. The SUV also gets off-road spec steel rims and off-road spec fat tyres that make the vehicle very capable. Adding to it is the 6-inch lift kit that gives it a monster look.


Lowered SUVs have a much better stance than regular ones. They look much sportier and have improved handling too. This is one such example of lowered Toyota Fortuner that looks fantastic. The car gets larger rims and lowering suspension. The SUV also gets revised grille and a new bumper with an aggressive looking diffuser making the vehicle look much meaner.

DC Design

DC Design may get mixed reactions for its exterior designs but undoubtedly, it makes one of the best aftermarket lounges. DC modified a new Fortuner with luxurious interiors and calls it the GWAGON. It is now four-seater and the last row of the vehicle has been removed completely. The seats are now fully electric and the rear seats get powered footrests for a lounge feeling. It also gets motorized lunch trays and the door panels have been replaced with the full wooden set-up.


Ativus is also renowned for its extreme body kits. Here is their Fortuner kit from Thailand. The car gets a different bumper that is similar to the Lexus grille but it looks quite different. There is aftermarket alloy wheels and also a new aftermarket bumper.

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